Social media integration into mobile app development is a must

How Important is the Integration of Social Media Into Mobile App Development

The aspect of mobile technology has been revolutionized in recent times through different apps developed for mobile devices. In today’s time the mobile phones have become an important tool for your business. But few years back, these devices were regarded as a resource for communication. Now it has become a reality that apps for mobiles have occupied a vital position of our lives and society. The industry of mobile app is a multi-billion dollar industry and there are more than 3 million apps available in the market. The number of mobile apps will continue to increase with the more numbers of people using smartphones.

The mobile application sector has become a zone of fierce competition with increased number of players joining this business. Lots of things have changed in this operating environment. In many cases apps with superb features are considered obsolete. The simple reason is that they have failed to match the industry expectation and standard.

The mobile app development companies of today have to depend largely on innovative ideas for their survival purpose. But the question is can the top level mobile app development companies face the tough competition as the industry continues to grow. Here one thing can be considered that can act as a prospective solution. The process of social media can be integrated with that of the mobile app development. As a result, of this the app developers can maintain relevance with the concerned industry. Apart from this it will also facilitate in enhancing business growth through downloads of apps and using them.

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Nature and Scope of Social Media

Social media can be defined as a collection of strong online communication channels. These channels serve as mediums which enable the users to get engage in collaborations, interactions and sharing of content. In other words, social media can also be stated as a chain of mobile apps and websites. The apps and the websites are mainly created so that users like you can share your thoughts and contents effectively, proficiently, quickly and in real time. Another advantage of social media is that, you can initiate interactions that are community based to make the targeted audience informed about your apps. The ability of social media to convey messages and information in real time have greatly changed the business dynamics and lifestyle activities.

Once integrated with social media, the mobile apps will attain the status of social networking apps. A mobile app development company has to see that the apps it is developing should be effective enough to meet both personal and professional aspirations.

The mobile apps when connected with social media channels can enable users to avail lots of services like sports, entertainment, chatting, interacting on social and political events, playing games etc.

Why it is Important to Integrate Social Media with Mobile App Development

The way app developers interact with the users of mobile apps have changed a lot due to its linking with social media platforms. Earlier it was conceived as an innovative means to reach customers. But now it has become an essential resource in the industry of mobile apps. The integration with social media has enhanced different business aspects like customer care, marketing and customer relationship.

Given below are some reasons why app development companies are trying to merge social media with that of app development:


Social media in app development will help you attract potential app users easily. Through social media you can create awareness about your app among the targeted users. The religion and location will not pose any barrier here as you can reach anyone from anywhere across the globe. Through this approach your app users will be easily able to share and learn ideas. Thus you can offer the beneficial features of your apps to your potential users and it will also facilitate in your business survival and growth.

Enhanced Awareness of Brand/App

You may not get the desired success just by creating apps with excellent features. You also have create a proper market for your app to succeed in the competitive scenario. Your app is your brand and for that you need to identify the right audience. Here comes the importance of social media to ensure your app gets the due brand value. Social media being a cost effective medium can enhance the visibility of your app within a short time period irrespective of location hazards. Your app will be recognized to millions of users by the use of effective social media channels. Thus you can very well understand why app development companies are trying to align social media in their process.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Communication and networking with the users can be suitably done by opting for the right social media platform. A strong voice for app usage can be created on the social media through its multiple platforms. So you have to be very careful in making your app a prominent brand along with reaching the right set of audience. If the customers are satisfied then it will result in more downloads and wide usages. The publicity of your app can be created on a wide scale and more numbers of prospects can get to know about it via social media propagation.

Better Conversion Rate

The more the visibility, the higher will be the conversion rate. You can get interactive with your audience through videos, blogs and many other content forms by using social media. You can also personify your apps with your competitors to ensure more downloads. As people in large numbers are active on social media, you can place your apps in the most happening social platform so that it attracts the attention of the users. Once your app gets convinced with the perception of the prospective users, they will help in your business conversion. Due to this opportunity, more number of app development companies are looking for social media integration.

How to Maximize Social Media for Mobile App Development

The integration of mobile apps with social media helps in improved and better performance. You have to do the following tasks in order to achieve this:

  • Adding of social media shares to your post
  • Adding videos and audios to your social media communication
  • Increasing blogging contents with respect to your app features and usages
  • Encourage feedback from the app users

The benefits of mixing mobile app development with social media has been discussed in details. Social media being an interactive platform helps in creating a prominent visibility of the apps among its users. Also the targeted users can be made aware about the usages of the apps easily via social media channels. The conversion rate and the customer satisfaction can be enhanced by using the right platform of social media.

Mr. Arup Roy is the founder of Red Apple Technologies, a trusted mobile app development company. He has a keen interest in learning new technologies from business perspectives. He has written quality articles and blogs online with special focus on social networking apps for the readers.

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