How Laser Marking Technology Can Help Your Business Grow?

Laser marking technology has been used for signage making since the late 80s. Many importance changes have happened ever since and increasingly more companies today turn to lasers to personalize their business in an attempt to make it different from the competition. Also known as laser engraving, the technology behind the process is a great way for a company to have exclusivity in one or more domains.

laser marking technology

A closer look at laser marking

Laser marking is an engraving process that uses a beam to mark a surface. The mark created is permanent, clean and crisp. As opposite to traditional imprinting and engraving methods, lasers offer greater precision. The devices used for the engraving cuts through all kinds of materials including metal, stainless steel, aluminum, and more. Laser marking systems were difficult to handle, cumbersome and extremely large a few decades ago. Right now, the machines used are incredibly compact, lightweight and easy to maneuver.

All industries use lasers for various purposes. For example, lasers with CO2 are used for almost all processes that involve welding, cutting, cladding and heat treatment. Right now, the material processing is one of the sturdiest and strongest on the market. Additional laser technology methods are:

  • YAG lasers – these are employed for cutting, marking and drilling
  • Diode pumped lasers – these are employed for semiconductor fabrication and repair and for processing of micro material
  • Excimer lasers – these are employed for inkjet and glass nozzle drilling
laser marking technology

Product laser marking

This is one of the most common and widespread uses of laser technology. There are various systems available, and each use different optical measures to mark all sorts of materials including metals, glass, leather, wood, plastic, and even painted surfaces. As opposite to some other marking and labeling forms, laser marking technology shapes after an alphanumeric code that is being etched on the surface of a certain product in an attempt to indicate the manufacturing date, serial number and additional characteristics. The marking process compiles one or more these processes:

  • Color change of the material through bleaching
  • Black carbonization
  • Physical modification of the surface of the finish
  • Shadow groove scribing through vaporization
  • Surface alteration of the product through melting

Unlike conventional marking methods, laser marking technology is a lot more advanced. With every year that goes by it becomes more integrated into automation tactics. Main benefits include:

  • Permanent marks of extreme quality
  • Convenient pricing and low operation
  • No need for a special working environment
  • Very easy to automate and integrate
  • Flawless markings due to the exact positioning of the laser beam
  • Top speed
  • Contamination free zone

Laser marking technology for business

Every company wants to be unique and offer something that no other business can offer to potential customers. However, it’s not that easy to develop a product or provide a service that nobody else is already providing. Developing a logo and having it patented is crucial to any business. As the owner you should thrive to come up with the most efficient, original, and interesting brand logo. After you’ve made a choice, the next step would be to engrave it on all your products. This will help your business become known.


The Apple sign for example, already appeals to millions of tech fanatics around the world while Chanel’s beautiful logo instantly grabs a modern woman’s attention. These visual signs engraved on products help a company become famous. However, it’s not just about fame; having your products engraved with a laser marked logo make them legally yours. A lot of companies use laser technology for etching and marking; the equipment required is now extremely versatile, convenient and easy to use.

Using laser marking technology for business is a great way to gain recognition. Having a special mark engraved on your products is an efficient marketing tactics. An enterprise that values the satisfaction of their customers and suppliers is willing to use the most advanced technology for engraving their logo. From logos on laptops, tablets, smartphones and video games to serial numbers on factory pieces, a company should understand that marking is a sure way to be unique and set itself apart from the competition.

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