Laser marketing technology for businesses

How Laser Marking Technology Can Help Your Business Run More Efficiently

Lasers and laser marking technology have been used to make signage for more than 20 years. Although many changes have occurred over time, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed: the demand for laser technology. Increasingly more businesses are making use of laser marking in order to personalize their business, make it known, and keep it on the floating line.

Benefits of laser marking technology

Commonly referred to as laser engraving, the method features excellent ways to help your company run more efficiently. But first let’s have a closer look at the main benefits of laser marking technology. Using a light beam as a main tool, this technique produces a mark that is non-contact, which means that it provides less tear and wear on tools, as well as no additional costs.

Laser engraving creates a mark that is permanent, crisp, and clean. It’s also a lot faster than conventional imprinting methods and it offers greater versatility. Furthermore, the exact same machine has the power to cut through slim material types, as well as etch on them. A couple of years ago laser marking system were cumbersome, large, and difficult to maintain and operate. Nowadays, we’re talking about machines that are simple to handle, take care of, and deposit.

How can laser marking technology help your business grow?

Every business – regardless of its type – should want to set itself apart from the competition. Whether you’re selling phones, appliances, gadgets, or any other sort of things, it’s of the utmost important for your products to be engraved with your company logo. A logo will help you get noticed, and the more prominent it is the higher chances you have to entice the people.

The lasers used by most companies today are completely different from the ones used in the early days. Advanced equipment has the ability to provide faster engraving speed, different types of laser marking techniques, and a plethora of machines to choose from. Prices have also dropped, so even if you’re a starting company, you’ll still be able to invest in laser making technology and have your brand set itself apart from the crowd.

How does laser marking technology work?

Lasers are currently being used in every industry field. For instance, CO2 lasers are employed in nearly every aspect of laser processing including cladding, welding, heat treatment, and cutting. Currently, it is the strongest material processing laser on the market. Some other types of laser technology include:

  • YAG lasers – used for marking, drilling, and cutting
  • Diode-pumped lasers – used for the fabrication of semiconductor repair/fabrication and micro-material processing
  • Excimer lasers – used for marking glass and inkjet nozzle drilling

One of the most common industrial uses of lasers is for product laser marking. The systems use different optical delivery systems and lasers in order to mark numerous material types such as ceramic glass, plastics, metals, leather, and wood, but also painted surfaces. Unlike other forms of marking and labeling, laser marking technology takes the shape of an alphanumeric code that’s being imprinted on a product’s surface in order to indicate a serial numbers, manufacture date, and additional traits. The process of marking includes one or more of the following processes:

  • Black carbonization
  • Changing the material’s color through bleaching
  • Physical alteration of the finish’s surface
  • Shadow groove scribing into the material through vaporization
  • Controlled alteration of a product’s surface through melting

Laser marking technology is superior in both flexibility and quality as opposite to traditional marking tactics because it leads itself to integrated and automation production techniques. Common advantages include:

  • High quality, permanent marks
  • Low operation and highly efficient costs
  • No particular working environment needed
  • Simple to integrate and automate
  • Exact positioning of the beam leads to the engraving of a flawless mark
  • High-speed and contamination free

Laser marking technology is an excellent way of getting your business known. Engraving a specific company mark on your products is a great advertising technique, not to mention that all respected enterprises out there use the technology to make their product unique. Starting from engraved logos on smartphones and laptops to serial numbers inserted on factory items, there’s no doubt that laser marking is here to stay.

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