How Much Content is Needed to Influence The People Online?

The odds of generating insane-traffic to a “quality” focused website, are more as compared to a “quantity” focused website. Mostly, all of the professional content writers know this fact, however, they, at times, struggle with creating the content that people are looking for and as result tend to lose potential audience at an early stage.

Today, we are going to talk about exactly how to balance the two-major content driven parameters, viz, quality and quantity to influence the right customers.

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Let us say loudly, “five times five times five”.

Okay, Stop!

We assume that each company has five different kinds of people, holding different traits and interests.

Let us make another assumption here. Let’s say you are working on a funnel consisting of five stages: awareness, interest, conversion, loyalty and advocacy.

Here comes, your part. We want you to brainstorm five problems that each customer would want solutions for to go to the next stage of the funnel. To devise these questions, you can either survey your customers or talk to them directly over a telephonic or video interview, asking the questions they would want to be answered at each stage.

After you have got exactly 25 questions per customer, which makes a total lot of 125 questions asked by 5 customers, rule out similar kinds of questions that two or more people have asked and keep only one copy of those. In reality, the number of total questions would reduce to nearly fifty to sixty percent of 125. Say, you got 70 unique questions that your customers are seeking an answer for. Now all you have to do is answer these and you would have found a set of exactly those kinds of content that people are looking for.

Here, the challenge is to create informational content for these 70 pieces and balance the content quantity on your website at the same time.

After you have generated 70 unique content pieces, we want you to create videos, podcasts, images, infographics etc. on the same 70 surveyed questions. We do this because we are considering the fact that different people decrypt same information provided through different mediums, differently.

So, in a nutshell, by now you would have created a 5-stage funnel, with a list of around 60-70 unanswered questions received from the customers, eliminated overlaps and generated the right kind and amount of content to influence your audience.

Now that the most important point has been covered in the sections above, we would also want to drive your attention to some funnel utility factors that you would want to keep in mind at the later stage. Being a brand, your business has to be consistent with marketing and customer awareness strategies. Also, as we have efficiently solved those 70 problems placed by the customers themselves, we should by now be able to build a strong trust relationship with those customers. When they will find that the five questions that they had asked for, have been wisely answered
they will get an impression of your brand and will automatically become customers for life.

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