How To Achieve Top Rankings in Google Without Video

Many believe that videos have very significant impact on the natural rankings of a website to various search engines. However, this does not work for all. Some website owners thanks to the videos embedded on their site and some does not need at all. In addition, not all online readers have the time to watch videos; some are alright looking at images and some by reading the contents. In fact, if you will check the first page of the search result of whatever query you have (except movies or music), the results will most likely have no videos.

google top rankings

Nevertheless, before ruling out the use of videos for your website, consider doing analysis. Check out your competitors – if most or all of them are utilizing videos on their site, then it will be wise to upload your video. On the other hand, consider yourself to be a game changer in using a video if your field is not using it. On the other hand, if you find that making and uploading videos for your site is not conducive, then do not upload one. One of the factors you have to consider in videos is the resources you have to put resources to have one. You can make your own video, do some editing and retouches to it or hire a pro to do the job. And the cost? It will vary greatly in variety of factors. DIY videos will be cheap of course, but it will still cost some fortune. Professionally done videos can go to thousands. Remember also that videos will consume bandwidth and hence, you have to pay for that as well.

Rather than focusing on the videos, explore other avenues to increase your rankings to various search engines especially Google. Take a look to the following means:

  • Creating unique content. Not all online visitors and prospective audience are into watching videos. There are still many individuals preferring to read instead to watch. In addition, creating unique and amazing contents are much easier than making a video. As long as you regularly create unique content, there is a possibility of your ranking to increase too.
  • Prioritizing key words are another important aspect of ranking increase. It is necessary to exercise pragmatism and prioritize the keywords. You can learn more about the keyword family, identification of your prospects, knowing about the content available to you and incorporating those keywords to your unique content.
  • A good internal linking can also help. These links go from one web page different one on the same domain. These links allows you to navigate the site and in spreading ranking power.
  • Building links is necessary as one way to spread the link juice or ranking power also. As you build links your URL will appear on others sites. Check out SEO Syracuse on how building links will improve your ranking more and the system involves in it.
  • Social media marketing is gaining popularity and it serves as a good platform to diffuse your URL and made it available to millions of users of the social media.
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