How to Buy a Good TV Set in 2017

  1. Buying a good TV today has become very complex. It was not the same case earlier as TV used to come with limited features. And so people had a little choice over the same thus had to buy whatever was in the market. Nowadays the picture looks completely different. A mere sight of electronics showroom floods you with Television sets from local as well as international brands making it extremely difficult for one to decide what TV to buy and what not to. Even I have been through a very similar situation in the past and it literally took days to decide the best TV suited for my purpose.

On the basis of my TV buying experience in the past, I am here today to share some tips on how to buy the best TV set in 2017. Hope you will find it useful. So, here you go!

Do not get carried away by big brands

How often it happens! We are fascinated by big brands but honestly, it doesn’t make a big difference. Brands are creation of marketing hype. I have known companies with minimal marketing hype yet such companies produce world class products. For example -Vu is a not a huge brand here in India but then Vu TV is an amazing offering in the television category. Vu TV is a powerful combo of price and features very rarely seen in any top TV brand.

Avoid going deeper into specifications

A TV is a TV not a computer. Let’s not delve much into technical insights. The more you get into technical insights, the more you are made to spend and buy the expensive version. Avoid all marketing words associated with the brands. It will mislead you and often leave you with utter confusion.

Like it bigger and better

This is where you have to get smart and seal the deal. TVs with bigger screen must be your priority if you are willing to spend your hard earned money for a good purpose. It can all be compared to mobile phones where phones with bigger screen are taking over small screen handsets. Big is anytime better!

Go for 4K and HDR

4k TVs are getting very popular these days. These ultra high definition TV sets have four times as many pixels as 1080 resolution TVs. Being easy to manufacture, the prices of 4K TV sets are dropping like anything. So, why not buy it! Plus 4K Tvs have HDR capability which delivers better contrast and color, much better than normal HDTV. So, go for 4K TVs!

Buy TV through Online Shopping

E commerce has become a way of life in India. Indians have their quirks and specific needs when it comes to online shopping. You can buy this TV in online, There are Many E commerce Sites in India Such as Amazon India, Flipkart, Snapdeal And Tata CLIQ. Among These Tata CLiQ Offering amazing Deals On TV with Various Bank Offers and No Cost EMIs. In Tata CLiQ You Can Get Upto 30% Off On TV when You Compare to the Offine Retail Stores by using Tata CLiQ Coupons
Those who believe in getting the best home entertainment, for them Tata CLiQ offers multiple options in choosing a TV, thus letting everyone get the full value for money. When you Compared to Offline Stores, Online stores have More Benefits. Although Choosing between offline and online retail is still a challenge. However, perhaps the more pressing challenge for You is the Price of the the Product and The Discount Offered by The Online Stores and The Payment Methods.

Well, these are some of my findings on the basis of my experience. I could even add more points but I believe the above points are good enough for anyone looking for a useful buying guide on TV sets in 2017. Hope you like it. Please share your thoughts in the comment if any.

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