How to Choose a Cloud Storage Service?

Cloud storage is gaining popularity these days with the ever mounting need to store large files easily. The service allows users to store their data over a remote desktop, which can be retrieved through an internet connection or a dedicated folder on their PCs. The advantage of this approach lies in the fact that the data can be accessed from anywhere without the need of carrying a physical object every time.

There are many cloud storage service providers which gives users plenty of options to chose from. Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive, Amazon S3 and Windows Azure are popular names (for more options visit bestonlinecloudstorage). Customers usually find a hard time choosing one provider that could meet all their needs. Here are few points to consider for those who are facing this difficulty.

Service Agreement

The first and foremost thing to consider is to go through the service level agreement. Check the availability and the durability of the data objects. The availability percentage must be grater than 99.9%. The durability value must fall within the range 99.99% to 99. 999999999%. The prices usually differ for different values of these two factors. The higher the value, the greater the price will be and vice versa. Amazon S3 offers their services at two different rates according to the durability percentage.

Number of Locations for Data Storage

There are some providers which store data in more than one place and it can be accessed through more than one server. If one server is down, the data is still available through the other one. Some of them inform their customers about different options so that they can easily make a choice. Others are not so keen on sharing this with the general public. In this case, the supports being offered for durability and availability must be found out beforehand. This is because the cost increases if data is stored over two different places and also if it is accessible through two sites. The AT&T offers two choices with different prices: one site with two copies and two sites with two copies.

The Vendor’s Experience

If the vendor has been long enough in the market, then there is a high chance that his services would be better than one who has just been a short while. But the price may also be higher. There is also a sight drawback associated. Experienced providers have more users as well so the sever may be busier than normal. Amazon S3 is probably the oldest provider of cloud storage.

Data Centre Locality

The location of data centre is really important in terms of speed. The vendor closest to the residence or office utilizing the service must be selected to avail a faster speed. The speed can be tested by several ways such as pinging the endpoint of the Service API. If the IP of the server is not known, then tools like Gladient Cloud Desktop can be used to perform speed tests.

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