Choosing right printer for home or business use

How to Choose the Right Printer for Your Home or Business

It is always good to have a right kind of printer whether you are choosing it for your personal use or official use. The task of selecting one printer over another becomes difficult when you have to deal with multiple brands. In market you have to deal with so many different models and types that sometimes the task of finding the right printer becomes frustrating and confusing.

You can browse through different product guides and latest PC magazines for detailed review of any model you want to buy but the problem lies in selecting the best among many available. In order to sort out the complexity of your printer hunt you have to follow some basic steps so that it become easy for you to make an informed decision on choosing the right printer.

Before buying the printer, the first thing you need to decide is what kind of printer you are looking for? Your need will ultimately decide the type of machine you are looking for.  Are you only looking to buy a printer for fewer printouts and improved result? Or are you going to need the printer for large scale printing and lowered print costs? These Key questions will let you decide and make an informed decision.

The next and the most important aspect for your purchase is the budget which you are willing to allocate for your purchase. The cost of printer depends upon the need. You need to decide whether you want to use printer for large printing or are you looking for small printing jobs. In this way you can determine the use of papers plus cartridge replacement charges. The cartridge replacement can be a costly unless you have got good deals and cartridge discount to cover up your budget.

After you get the idea about the type of printer and the budget for the printer, next you must look for the individual features for a best decision.

Printer features to consider before purchase

Resolution: Resolution is measured in DPI (Dots per Inch) and it determines the ability of printer to print high resolution pictures and graphics. You must see for resolution if your printing includes high graphics photos and presentations.

Volume: Number of printouts per minute determines the volume of printing required. Some printers do required time to process and print papers so check for the printer which can facilitate the required volume of printing without delays. This feature is important in the case of larger number of printing job within tight time constraint.

Compatibility: Compatibility shows the ease of use in your printer. Choose a printer that is less complex and yet up-to-date. Make sure your printer is easy to connect with the network, PCs, laptops, and all other USB enabled devices such as mobiles. Newer printers work equally with both Windows and Mac OS X.

Paper Size: Paper size is often ignored while choosing a printer. Common paper size includes letter, envelope, legal, tabloid and executive. You should choose the printer which can best match your printing needs. In addition also check for weight which your printer can support since you might need to print on cardstock which is not supported by all printers.

Processing: Pictures with high resolution and graphics require superior processing from printer in order to print. Few printer models also save the entire image prior to the printing. So if you are going to print too many pictures then you must check for processing power of printer. Choose wisely if you really require the greater computing horsepower and memory for your printer.

User Friendliness: The easier the printer the desirable it is, as you don’t want to get yourself confused between the user manual pages. Printer should be easily installable with well defined and structural setup for easy use. Few printers support memory cards and cameras so that Images can be easily printed. So look for the friendliest of printer you can get.

Warrantee: To safeguard your investment it is best to ask for warrantee. Warrantee provides peace of mind against your money spent. Make sure to ask for manufacturer warrantee along with store warrantee.

Multi-functionality: Printers have now become a complete package to suit all of your office and domestic needs. All in one or multifunctional printers are available in the market to serve you the purpose of printing, scanning, photocopying and faxing. It is cost effective and save loads of space which is required to facilitate individual component otherwise.

After looking at each feature available for your printer now you must research the best printer which suits your need. You must look all the factors cost, benefits and purpose it serves.

The last stage is to purchase your printer. The tip is to do comparative shopping by looking at different brands offering similar printers. In this way you can shop smarter and economical while making an informed decision

Keeping these points under consideration can make your life quite easier while choosing a right printer for your purchase. Make up your mind and spend wisely.