How to Choose The Right Smartwatch For You

When it comes to technology, things are changing quite fast and when it comes to do a technology retail, giving it a good research is always the best choice. If you decide to choose a smartphone then there will be lot of models which one could compare and contrast it, in fact you will be able to know which ones are able to perform the standard tasks like making calls, sending texts, and running your favorite apps. But when it comes to smartwatches, there are a lot of devices and they have a different set of functions and features, making it a little difficult to find the right one for you.

Here you will know which smartwatch is the best choice for you and it will help to clear those clouds of confusions. Varying from the markets to the blurry lines between smartwatches and fitness trackers, you will find outlines of the features to look before you make the choice.


The first thing for a smartwatch to be considered it as a smartwatch is for its to tell the time which is given in almost all of them. But what comes next is the field of choice of the functions and the features which range far and wide.

The top class smartwatches from Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit are more like mini smartphones which rest on your wrist. These watches allow you to have a remote control on your smartphone and it also includes a lot of abilities which includes tracking of running time, storing music and even to making a call with the help of a tiny SIM.

Moving to another level, we will be seeing devices which are fitness trackers and they come with a display. The watch focus on getting information of logging steps and other fitness related activities. The devices are able to tell the time and it will also show simple notifications from the phone, however the interaction are minimized. You will have to take your phone out for majority of the tasks. But the brighter side is that these watches cost less as compared to a full-fledged smartwatch.

Another watch is the one which is more on the traditional side and it is mechanical watch but with added smarts. They will give you the information of step counting with a simple notification system as well. You will be getting the style and also the price of a normal watch with a bonus feature of fitness tracking.

Now one of the main factors to consider before the actual purchase for all of the watches is whether the watch works with your phone (iOS or Android), how long is the battery timing (the mechanical watches usually have good battery time). The specs depend on person to person, if one is runner so he/she should be more concerned whether it comes with a GPS. A person who is a swimmer would  have to keep in mind that they would need a smartwatch which is waterproof so they could record their progress. Moreover, you would be wearing the watch for quite a lot of time so you will have to make sure if it is comfortable.

Here are few of the options which will make it easier for you to choose the watch which best fit your needs:

Apple Watch

There have been a lot of speculations in the market but at the end, it is decided that Apple Watch is the most advanced one you can buy. It has the perfect interface with iPhone and it has a lot to offer like mini apps for your use and they excel as health and fitness tracking.

You can always use the watch to look out for events on calendar, listen to your favorite music, regulate breathing and even send messages or chat with Siri. It will also be acting as a remote shutter for the camera on your iPhone so if you are fond of taking a lot of pictures it could put you on top of your game.

However, the big downside of the watch is that it will work only with iPhone and if you have an Android then it won’t work with your phone.

Android Wear

The Android Wear is a good answer by Google to the Apple Watch. It is being made by a lot of manufacturing partners like Huawei, and LG and it has almost all of the features that Apple Watch has. In fact, they are much flexible than the Apple Watch since they work with the Android phones and also has an interface with iPhone but you wouldn’t get much interactivity with the Apple apps.

It has the features of seeing notifications and sending text messages from the writs, you can track your activities and the fitness goals. There is also the function of supporting 4G or LTE via small SIM slot so that you can make and receive calls.

If you go with Android phones then there are a lot of choices for smartwatches to pick from and the prices will fall below the Apple Watch level.

Samsung Tizen

Samsung has now launched its very own smartwatch with a homemade Tizen operating system. The company has started to make one of the best wearables in the market with a competitive advantage that they can be paired with an iOS or Android.

The interface of the Tizen smartwatch isn’t that loaded as compared to the Apple Watch or Android Wear but when it comes to features and functions it is just equally awesome. You will be able to track activities, make calls or send messages but you will miss out on the feature to reply to text messages from your wrist.

Samsung is making it cheaper and it is focusing on fitness tracking, but would also be giving you smartwatch features like notification of text messages.

Fitbit wearables

Fitbit got into the business of smartwatches last year with the Fitbit Blaze and it is giving the smartwatch users another good choice to pick from. It is compatible with both Android and iPhones so this could be a good option for many who want to switch from mobile platforms.

You will be getting the basic smartwatch features like notifications, music controls, fitness trackers, calendar updates on the wrist but you will be missing out some of the big features available on competitors devices.

The price of Fitbit is quite pocket friendly and the fitness features are just excellent.

Outdoor sport watches

If you are the person who takes running and hiking much importantly then you will have a separate category of smartwatches which exist just for you. There has been no labelling done on it but majority of the people call it the outdoor sport watches. The devices are bigger than the smartwatches discussed, and are more rugged in comparison to the other designs. They focus more on the navigation and the tracking activity rather than on the designs or the digital assistance. Garmin and Casio are the top players if you want to check out the devices.

The watches aren’t a proper app platforms like Apple Watch or Android Wear but they will be showing the notifications from the phone and will also host other features. The devices will be costing more as they are the most detailed ones to have fitness tracking and are even more advanced in integrated navigation for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Traditional Watches

Last, but not the least there are tradition mechanical watches which have some smarts on board. If you are someone who would like to have a tech watch but also don’t want it to be fully fledged then you can always give it a try.

There are a lot of traditional watchmakers who rolling out such devices in the market. One of best examples are the Fossil Q Nate and the Withings Steel HR. Both of the devices can track the steps, monitor the heart and will be sending notification from the phone, in fact you can get your phone to ring if you have misplaced it.

The traditional watches are considered to be much cheaper as compared to the dedicated smartwatches. Another advantage that these watches carry is that they use the standard batteries and they don’t have to be recharged again and again. People who want to have a taste or a combo of both old and new watches should definitely give these ones a try as they are the ideal option.

You can always visit a retail store to try out for these smartwatches for size or can check through a selection of reviews on the internet. One would also be able to get a smart view by looking at the pictures of the smartwatches or by reading reviews and could find out the tiny details about the devices. So do some good research first and ask the people around you who have a bit for smartwatches to know which one would be the ideal one to invest in.

Haroon Ahmed is an Executive at a Consultancy for Canadian Immigration and has been blogging since 3 years. He has a passion for writing and have been writing articles on different aspects of day to day life. Haroon has done his Bachelor’s in International Relations and has love for technology. He has most of his work telling people about new technology and how innovation is changing our lives. He is also a traveler and has travelled to many parts of the world, which he has written blogs on and has told people about his different experiences in different parts of the world.

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