How To Clean An Infected PC Without An Antivirus

We all have come across some form of malware in our computers, so we heavily rely on some antiviruses to fix those issues. I wanted to write this article because it explains how viruses work and how you can stop them in general.

Antiviruses are effective but your product of choice might change every few months or so. However, for problems such as data loss this data loss recovery software might prove useful.


The first thing I want to tell you about cleaning an infected computer in general is that you should think about the situation that you’re in. Also keep in mind that even though you might have your files deleted through malware so be sure to keep a reliable file recovery software with you.

If you are not a very tech savvy person then I do not suggest that you try to clean your computer, because of the risks that involve further damage to your data and computer hardware. The easiest method of approach will be to wipe and re install the operating system, which will definitely get the computer back up and running again. The reason I don’t suggest cleaning is because it’s very difficult to remove viruses from computers these days and there is absolutely no way that you can guarantee that you have removed all traces of the virus, for all you know there might be a backup script hidden by the viruses for this very purpose.

You might want to opt for cleaning instead of wiping the PC completely because of the lack of backup disk to install after you wipe your hard disk or simply because you have the time to tinker with your computer. Another reason can be the fact that you don’t have a spare hard disk at your disposal to safely back all your data up before resuming to wipe your PC.

Here are some of the scenarios that you might be presented with while cleaning your infected PC without an antivirus:

  1. Default browser might sometimes open a link to a page that keeps opening after a said amount of time. This is a pretty common problem, which is caused by an Adware that runs a script whenever you open your default browser. The script can include changing your default search engine as well. To tackle this problem, I suggest that you install another browser without setting it as a default browser. Chances are that the newly installed browser would work normally unlike your old browser in that case, I would advise you to uninstall your old browser and use your new browser which should render the Adware completely useless.
  1. If your system files have vanished and you only see weird shortcuts in its place then you have a generic worm in your computer. It shouldn’t bother you really because it can be easily rendered useless. You have to press down and hold Alt key button on your keyboard which should open a panel, navigate to folder option and click on “show hidden files and folders”. After that you will see a hidden where your files have been moved to, go to the hidden folder and move all your files back to their initial location. If you see a txt or a bat file then delete it immediately, once done you will not be bothered by that virus anymore.
  1. Sometimes, malware and viruses are more resilient that you’d expect .So, if you believe that common solutions are not fixing your problems then it’s usually wise to use System Restore to restore your computer to its functionality. Press Start then type in “System Restore”, then continue to select your restore point, I recommend that you select the point on a recent date on the calendar. It should take about 15 minutes for the computer to revert back to that date in time. In theory that will end all your virus related problems. Do keep in mind that some files will not be present once you revert back to a restore point so keep this option as a last resort.