How to Detect Illegal Activities Though Your Android Phone

Android is by far one of the most popular mobile platforms for mobile technology that is being widely used by the mobile consumers these days. Owing to its millions of users worldwide, Android phones have become a popular subject for cyber criminals where malware can be widely spread across any Android device without anyone knowing it. Unfortunately, about 40% of Android device users are not mindful about the security threat on their devices.

With the Android phone being one of the top targets for malware, do you know how to detect whether illegal activities have already been taking place on your Android device? Here are some tips to help you identify any unscrupulous activities that might be going on with your Android device and how you can prevent your device from becoming a target of cyber criminal activities.

What you don’t know about Android security breach

Your Android device may be vulnerable to malware and spyware that can monitor your device for any activities that have been taking place. It is possible that a malware can be powerful enough to bypass the security encryption available from your device and it can actually keep track of your online financial transaction and in logging your personal data and information including user names and passwords from across your online accounts. Android phones have been a target for hackers because of its less stringent security features where mobile users can easily install applications that may have some spyware or malware programs with it unknowingly.

Hidden spyware can always run on your Android device without getting detected and the sad fact is it is often the mobile user that allows its access to the device because of the mobile applications that they download on their phone. The best preventive measure here is to scrutinize every mobile app sources before you download one on your device.

Reliable mobile spy software offers the solution

Not all mobile apps are harmful and there are actually some that are very helpful in helping you detect any illegal activities through your Android phone. The latest mobile technology called the mobile spy software can help mobile users to become more aware of any cyber crime activities that may be taking place on their phone. The mobile spy software that comes from reputable sources  can deliver you the solution in keeping your mobile phone encryption system stronger against the prying eyes of third parties that may be attempting to keep track of your mobile data and information. You can always monitor your device remotely which is significant especially when your phone is not with you and someone else may be using them.

Spy software can make it easier for mobile users to keep track of the activities of their Android phones. Having the ability to monitor what information is being exchanged through their email, SMS or text messages as well as to monitor the calls that are coming through the Android phone will help one to become aware if there are illegal activities that are going on using their device. Moreover, it is easier to gain access over your Android phone remotely using your mobile spy software account in order to monitor any unusual activities that may be taking place on your phone.

Red Flags to watch from your Android phone

There are signs that can signify suspicious activities that might be taking place on your phone. Knowing these red flags will essentially help you keep track of your mobile activity using a mobile spy software program:

  1. Your Android device is running low on battery most of the time. This may indicate unusual activities that might be taking place on your phone such as malware that is running in the background without being visible. With the mobile spy software, you can monitor your phone activities not directly from your device but from a remote site to gain a better objective insight about your mobile activities.
  2.  Your phone receives dropped or interrupted calls. While this may be caused by a poor signal on your device, you should check with your service carrier provider whether the problem is their fault or there is a possibility that someone else may be eavesdropping on your phone conversations. Mobile spy apps ( is capable of tracing calls on your device which can help you track down call activities on your device.
  3. You have a mounting phone bill. It is possible that someone else might be using your device for making calls. A spy app installed on your device will help you locate calls that you did not make yourself.

The Bottom Line

If you find something suspicious is going on in your device, it is possible that a malware is running on your device or that a hacker has gained access to your phone. A mobile spy program can help you confirm any suspicious activities that may be taking place on your phone so you can take the necessary actions to prevent the illegal activities that might be taking place in it.

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