It would be no exaggeration to say that if you have a business with a wider appeal to global customers and you still don’t have an online presence, it is tantamount to a curse. No matter what services or products you have on offer, an online presence will always help you lead in the market. It is hard to name a few businesses that can be successful despite not having a website in this present 21st century. 
Here comes the worth of web hosting. If you have a website, you need to launch it on the internet with the help of a web hosting service. Everyone who launches a website on the internet has to do with web hosting every time they do so. It is a great job when you have first to select an appropriate web hosting plan. But, it is also important that you are served the way you were promised by the host. This section elaborates on how you can ensure your web hosting plan is working well. 
All the hosting companies boast of their best support, configuration, hardware and other elements of hosting. Each of the plans from them seems lucrative in either way. Some boast of their best and spacious hosting with utmost security, while others convince you that you can get the same speed and functionality at marginal charges. You can ironically take one thing for granted. And it is that you may not be getting the promises kept absolutely by any of the hosts whosoever. If this seems to be an exaggeration to you, you still need to be very careful about the services you actually enjoy in context to web hosting. You need to keep an eye always on the services and compare them with the original promises they ever made to you. Testimonials are still helpful and it is more so, if you get referred to the service provider by one of your friends who might have witnessed the service quality practically. 
How the web hosting is controlled and regulated 
There are data centers to support the hardware that support the web hosting for your website. The hardware i.e. the entire server is physically kept safe in the data centers with sophisticated arrangements for restricted access to them. If you own a dedicated server, it means the access to your server is provided only to those authorized on your behalf only. On the other hand, in case of shared hosting like virtual private server and the like, a few to more representatives have the access to the hosting facility. The state of the art maintenance features associated with the data center and the 24×7 support to help you in case of any need are the two main factors that can assure you get the promised facilities from the service provider. As no one can own a data center of one’s own for a single, a few or many websites (it would be rather an apparent stupidity to think of it!), you have to anyhow deal with the data center ensuring that the standards are followed at one your service provider has put its hardware in. 
You deserve a support 
There is nothing cheaper—in the worst sense of the word—when a web hosting company outsources its customer care functions to some novice call center guys, who even don’t know the ABC of the web hosting and keep learning that through books. This poorly hampers the service provided to the needy clients. The need in case of magento hosting becomes even more important. Make sure you get the customer support from the knowledgeable executives, so that your business and sales don’t suffer when there are any hiccups on the way.