Simple tips to enter and use android recovery mode

How to Enter and Use Android Recovery Mode

One of the easiest way to fix your smartphone when it is not responding normally is to try entering recovery mode. Mainly, recovery mode is used to escalate smartphone issues when it is not acting well, such as extra data from broken Android phone. Not only that, you can use recovery mode to create new partition, install new firmware and ROM, using safe mode and so on. Recovery mode is an in-built feature provided by all Android smartphones that runs independently and very light to use.

You can enter recovery mode on your Android phone by using its hard keys. In this tutorial, we will learn how to enter recovery mode in different smartphone brands. If you wish to hard reset your smartphone then it is recommended to perform that by entering recovery mode. Meanwhile, if you wish to wipe partition or cache, you can perform that action from recovery mode as well. But, we will discuss about its usage in the next para after we learn how to enter recovery mode.

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How to Enter Recovery mode on Samsung Smartphones

Entering recovery mode on your smartphone requires a combination of keys to be pressed simultaneously. The key combination varies from one brand to another. We will be discussing how to enter recovery mode on almost all kind of brand. First, we will take Samsung mobile phone as an instance. Follow these steps and you will successfully enter recover mode in Samsung phones.

Step 1. Turn off the phone if it is turned on.

Step 2. Press Volume up + Power + Home button simultaneously.

Step 3. When the light appears on the screen, release all buttons and keep holding the home button until you see the recovery mode pop up.

Additional Step: If multiple options appear on the screen then use the Volume up and down button to navigate through the options and choose recovery mode and press Home button to select.

When the recovery mode appears, you will be prompted with many functions, use Volume up and down to scroll up and down respectively.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Google Nexus Phones

Especially, after Nexus 7 is released, the key combination in Nexus phones are different than any other smartphones. But more or less all are same. Here’s how to enter recovery mode in Nexus mobile phones.

Step 1. Make sure to turn off the mobile phone first.

Step 2. Press Volume Up + Volume Down + Power (All at once)

Step 3.  Release all the buttons as soon the phones turns on and you will be automatically entered to the Recovery Mode.

Same as other phones, use Volume Up and Volume Down button to scroll through the options and click on home button to choose an option.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Motorola Phones

Motorola phones are quite different than other smartphones. While, they are not as much used as Samsung and Apple smartphones but still there are a good number of followers who are using Motorola phones. The key combination is simpler in Motorola phones than other. Use the following procedure to enter recovery mode in Motorola Smartphones.

Step 1. Switch off the phone if it is not.

Step 2. Press Home + Power button simultaneously.

Step 3. Release both buttons as soon you could see the light on your phone and you will be able to see the Recovery Mode options.

Just like any other brand, use Volume up and down keys to move up and down on the recovery mode options list and press home key to choose any function.

How to use Recovery Mode Options?

When you enter the recovery mode, you will be prompted with the following options and you should choose that option which you desire to perform on the phone.

  1. Reboot system now: This will simple restart your phone normally.
  2. Apply updates from ADB: ADB stands of Android Debug Bridge that allows you to connect your phone to PC using a USA cable wire. This option is only for developers who knows how to use Android SDK. Unless, you are sure what you are doing, do not use this option.
  3. Wipe Data/Factory Reset: Select this option if you want to format your phone entirely. This option will delete everything from your phone. From music to videos to contacts to messages and so on, literally everything will be wiped out from your phone. So, make sure to have a backup before you choose this option.
  4. Wipe cache partition: This will simply delete all cache from your phone that are created by the phone application. This option has no risk and it will not change anything on your phone. But, it is very useful if you are facing and server or host related issue. This option can resolve many Android related common problems as well.


By using the above methods you will be able to enter recovery mode on your smartphone so you can recover lost data, wipe cached files. Do remember, that you should only use recovery mode if your phone is acting strangely or you want to update or install new software on your smartphone. Misusing of those option may occur data loss, so make sure to choose the right options. For security measures, you should create a backup of your phone before performing any action on recovery mode.

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