Easy tips to repair corrupted ms office files (for doc, excel & ppt)

How to Fix Corrupted Microsoft Office Files (for doc, excel & ppt) Easily

No one can predict that when you Microsoft office files gets corrupted or may get trapped into error issues. In this article, I shared some methods to repair and recover corrupt  MS office files. You can try them if you ever face any kind of data corruption issues.

ms office files

Microsoft office is a well-known application suite that comprises of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. This application empowers you to make file documents, worksheets, and slides easily. Notwithstanding, because of improper mishandling of your PC, your MS office may get corrupted or harmed. The superb way to secure your Microsoft Office data from such damaged is to save data every time when you type a couple of data. This article talks about the blunders or errors that you may acquire when your MS office is harmed furthermore conceivable reasons to this.

Some Errors that indicates Microsoft Office Files Corruption

Sometimes, when you want to open a file on your system, you may receive a pop-up dialog box window with a text message that indicates the document is corrupt. Here is the list of errors that appears on the screen:

  • “Document is damaged.”
  • “Cannot open the documents”
  • “Cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges.”
  • “The document name or path is not valid. Try these suggestions. Check the file permissions for the document or drive. Use the File Open dialog box to locate the document.”
  • “Unable to read this document. It may be corrupt.”

Causes of Microsoft Office Files Corruption

The above errors will display on your Microsoft Office due to different reasons.

  • It may occur by the cause of an abrupt power outage that can corrupt your MS Office Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files badly.
  • Virus infection is also a son of data corruption that enters in your computer while clicking or opening infected links or website pages.
  • Sudden system shut down may corrupt or damage MS Office files easily.
  • If you save files in the bad sectors or overwrite existing data, then also the data gets deleted.

Manual method to repair Microsoft office files  (for doc, excel & ppt)

Luckily, Microsoft had added some unique and essential features by which you can recover the unsaved file. You can try “Open and Repair” Utility to repair your damaged Microsoft office files  (for doc, excel & ppt) effortlessly.

Step 1: Open Microsoft office.

Step 2: Click on File tab-> Press on Open option-> Choose the file you  want to repair.

ms office repair

Step 3: Right-click on Open button arrow, Click on Open and Repair option.

ms office repair

Step 4: Once the repair process is done, you can easily access your MS office file(doc, excel or ppt).

Note: The manual trick can only repair small MS Office file corruption issues. But, if your file is highly damaged, then you need to opt any third party tool.

Alternative Methods

For instant highly-corrupted data recovery, you can use the professional third-party tool to repair corrupt Microsoft files safely. The software can fix all Microsoft Office file glitches without any data alternations. Here are the data recovery tools can allow you to repair corrupt files saved in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint smartly.


In this above article, we have discussed about the MS Office different files, errors, causes, and the manual methods to repair corrupt Microsoft files. If you want to repair and recover damaged MS Office(Word, Excel, PPT) files by using the third-party tools. following are the software that repairs MS Office file without any problem.

For Word Repair

To repair damaged Word files, you can use DOCx repair tool to fix majorly damaged or corrupted MS Word documents. The DOC recovery software restores all the file data without causing any changed into the original document. You can also preview the recovered documents after scanning.

For Excel Repair

If you want to repair corrupt MS Excel files, then use Excel recovery tool that contains advanced features to identify corruption in an each object, rows, columns and then fix it. Excel repair tool restores the file with its original specifications. It offers batch conversion and preview recovery option for multiple file recovery at a time.

For PowerPoint Repair

PPT Repair tool follows a risk-free way to fix MS PowerPoint presentations and guarantees to retrieve the entire data in the shortest time possible without any data loss. It performs Bulk recovery for more than one PPT files in a single operation. PPT Recovery software also supports raw recovery for the corrupt PowerPoint files.

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