Here are the tips to make your voicemail less boring

How to Make Your Voicemail Less Boring

Hearing the same message over and over again in the voicemail can be extremely boring and frustrating. Customers often find it extremely frustrating when they encounter the messages from the automated attendant. In this blog post we would be looking at some of the frustrating messages that callers really are not interested in hearing. You can use the tips to pep up the voice mail on your cell phone as well.


Sorry I’m Not At My Desk

Come on this message is probably the worst way of greeting your customers or callers. The above message is not only boring but darn frustrating for callers who are looking to find immediate solution to their problem or contacting the company executives. You can set dynamic and customized messages like “I am at meeting till 2 PM and shall get back to you once I return to my desk” or “I won’t be able to check the messages till 5 PM”. This will at least provide exact information about your availability (or non availability) and callers can dial some other extensions to have a word with another executive.

Your Call Is Really Important

This is simply a mocking reminder to your caller that they are important but not as important as they really think they are. Why to make such a hollow statement to your caller when both parties are aware of its hollowness?  Simply stop using this phrase as its outright clichéd and does not elicit the feelings you expect from your caller.

I Am Extremely Sorry To Have Missed Your Call

Are you serious? Well, you are sorry for sure but it is completely dull and boring – you can think something better to not let your caller feel frustrated.  You can think of a smarter phrase like where exactly you are and when you expect to return. It would be better if you can provide them an alternate number to call for further information.

I Am Going To Call You Back Soon

This phrase is neither interesting nor fun to hear and often is treated as a brazen lie by the callers. It has been seen in a survey that calls are not returned in a timely manner. It is important to know that you must call back when you promise to do so. People often do not return the calls as promised so it is better to simply state that “I shall call you back”. Period.

No Other Options

Callers feel extremely frustrated when they encounter such boring phrases while calling up a number. Instead you must give them alternate number of other executives who are available and can actually take their calls.

Majority of the voicemails are boring because they follow the traditional style of greeting and are too formal in nature. Try to offer fun alternatives like “Please call up Bob who is available to take the calls and address any issues that you might be facing. Thanks for your cooperation.” This is much better because the caller feels that his/her calls are important for the company and it really cares for the customers. You can use your ingenuity in making your voicemail less boring and interesting.

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