How to Tap Into The Reach of Social Media

The main advantages of social media for your company are, among others, greater visibility and possible increase of visits to your website.

The main advantages of social media for your company are, among others, greater visibility and a possible increase of visits to your website. You can also use social media to get information about your market by analyzing what your current and potential customers are thinking about your company and competitors.

Social media continues to stand out as a sales channel. Facebook alone currently has over 1 billion users, and on Twitter, users send more than 400 million tweets per day. Your company should definitely participate in that activity considering the volume of user data that is available on the platforms.

Social media can be very useful for small businesses if used properly. You’ve probably heard of social media marketing. ” It is stated that one of the biggest mistakes companies make when they establish their presence in social media is to use it as a platform for advertising.

The continuous increase in the use of social media

The Internet has played a decisive role in changing the nature of the relationship between the consumer and the company. Today, much of the change comes from social media.

The most popular platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and blogs. Each platform has its advantages; That is why many people who work in online marketing generally use at least two of these platforms to have more complete benefits. For example, Twitter tweets help attract readers to a blog.

Therefore, it is important that companies understand and take advantage of these tools, as they offer many ways to highlight your experience, give valuable information to customers and promote your company, without having to invest a lot of money. Here are some guidelines to get you started.

Think it’s like when you go to a party

Would you introduce yourself at a friend’s party and throw yourself out to talk about sales with the hosts or people you do not know? If you are going to talk about business, do not do it until you have established communication with someone and the interest in the subject arises spontaneously.

Be yourself

Your business has its own personality and social media is the perfect place to show it. What you post should express to the world messages like:

  • What are your ideas
  • What are your unique characteristics.
  • How the way you do business is different.

Be genuine, friendly and helpful. Ask questions and take the time to interact with others. People will remember you for the way you interact with them, even if you make a brief comment, share a link or take a different viewpoint in a trendsetting event.

Create your blog to promote your company

Having a blog is an economical way to promote yourself as a person and as a company. There are many models available at no cost to help you create your blog easily and allow you to receive comments from readers, potential customers and current. Two of the best known sites that have models available are WordPress and Blogger.

To capture the attention of a reader, focus on value added and not on the sale itself. That is, share your ideas generously and offer tips that readers and potential customers can actually use. For example, if you have a bakery, put in your blog recipes and nutrition advice that can benefit readers.

The power of Twitter

Twitter is a phenomenon in social media. The famous “tweets” that are published there are instant short messages (technically microblogs), directed to a community of people or followers, who accept to receive them. Unlike the blog, which can be as long as you prefer, Twitter only allows publications of 140 characters.

Like blogs, Twitter can be an inexpensive way to stay in touch with others and promote your brand. It is also a good tool to communicate to customers your special offers or the arrival of new products, especially if you offer specialized products or services.

Remember that, although blogs and tweets are inexpensive ways to communicate with customers, you should always dedicate time and effort. If you’re going to create a blog, be sure to broadcast something new, interesting or useful, and try to post content at least a few times a week. On Twitter you have to write less, but if you start using it, try to post tweets every day. Watch the activity on Twitter of other companies, small and large.

Apply a strategy

While not all small businesses will want to create a Facebook page or a blog, it is important that they have a strategy. Here are some things to keep in mind when developing a strategy:

  • Think about the long-term situation. Social media refers more to marketing than to sales.
  • It establishes a reciprocal communication. Interacting with your customers can help you learn more about them and create future business opportunities.
  • Take advantage of your website. By this means, you can invite your clients to give you their comments and offer them assistance. If you are going to start a blog or create a Twitter account, put these links on your company website.
  • Discover the strategies that work. See how other companies use social media before launching.
  • Be steady. If you decide to start a blog, you should post content at least two or three times a week. In the case of Twitter, you should do it once a day.
  • Remember that developing a realistic plan and then implementing it can make the difference between having a good idea and a marketing strategy that works well.

It’s not a matter of money

The good news is that engaging in popular social media platforms is a very economical choice. While some platforms like LinkedIn offer additional functions before paying a monthly subscription and the possibility of acquiring an advertising space, most platforms are free. In fact, many small businesses spend less than $ 100 on social media.

The biggest cost of social media marketing is time and content.

Invest enough time

To see results on social media platforms you have to invest time. And this is something that drives away many very busy entrepreneurs and executives. Social media is effective only if it actively participates in them.

Do it yourself or delegate homework?

Of course, there is nothing that forces you to do all the social media work yourself. Some business owners and executives like the social media interaction and others prefer to delegate responsibility to a third party or a trusted employee.

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