Using blogging for seo link building

How to use Blogging for SEO Link Building?

In Search Engine Optimization, link building is said to be play an important role. Similar to every page of the website that is placed with the appropriate keywords and at the correct frequency, the keywords should be linked to the site from different reliable sites. A better way to start this is creating a blog, on the subject, which interlinks directly with the website.

In case, the individual is linking back to the site from the blog, he is just scraping the surface of the SEO campaign. For taking this strategy to greater levels and to achieve success, it is important to take the assistance of other bloggers, present within the niche.

A welcome hand

It has been noticed that most new bloggers tend to take a competitive view of the other bloggers, who are writing on the same topics like them. They assume that it means intense competition that should be beaten. Hence, the issue is that the blogs are viewed with an objective of overtaking the others, instead of finding an opportunity to bond with them as a community.

Questions to be answered

There are several questions that need to be understood before starting to blog.

  • Why anyone would want to treat competition as a part of community?
  • Why a blogger would need to embrace another one, especially those writing on similar topics that are being targeted?

Bloggers having a good sense of SEO need to create a wonderful community atmosphere, since it does further their objective to setup reputed backlinks to the website.

This is something that anyone, with a website or without one can do. Below mentioned is the rationale:

  • Every blogger is different, even if he is writing on similar topics. It has been seen that the best blogs do have a personalized touch, which helps them to stand apart. Hence, bloggers who are serious on the subject tend to follow multiple blogs. Thus, superior quality bloggers are not concerned with high competition or on losing out.
  • By connection with the other bloggers, help the blog to be noticed by the established readers. In case of a negative comment posting also, one can be confident of getting visitors, while others link to the blog.
  • By working effectively as a community, is sure to establish a limitless link building network, which benefits all the involved bloggers. Moreover, it will also compel the others to join the community and extend the linking networks.

Therefore, a good blogger should be adding important posts continuously and can also join with the other bloggers for writing on same topics, create network of relevant linking opportunities. In case, something valuable is found in another blog, a backlink can be used. It is sure to create a wonderful linking network to the blog and boosts the value and ranking of the blog.

Moreover, it also enables the blog in linking back to the website in a much better manner. Also, one can get several direct links from the other bloggers to the website, after establishing oneself. SEO NYC can be of help when you are looking forward to SEO link building by the method of blogging.

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