Hyderabad – Based Startup ‘GrabOn’ Saves India (With Shopping Coupons)

GrabOn a leading online coupons service platform that helps buyers save on shopping, announced the launch of its new website in which the company emphasizes on the new layout, products, widgets and smart tools.

The company made a bold statement by saying that the clean UI and user friendly product placement will communicate GrabOn as a fresh treat to the eyes of all online Coupons/Deals seekers.

With over 2000 coupons from more 400 merchants, GrabOn users enjoy shopping savings on basically everything they buy. There are a wide range of categories like Recharge, electronics, mobile, fashion and more to choose from. The new modernized layout will bring a new change in peoples experience when they buy from GrabOn

grabon coupons

Watch how to download the plugin and get the latest updates on coupons in the video below.

Searching for a discount shouldn’t be difficult for a user. The modernized website layout, http://www.grabon.in, showcases product catalog on latest product deals, allows faster access to latest offers and simplifies the overall buying experience, It’s that simple.

The new website layout also emphasizes on GrabOn’s new brand identity and online positioning strategy, including the wide spread of products and the latest discounts. The focal point of GrabOn’s refreshed look is the clean UI and smart tools that spoon feed the users till end sale.

About GrabOn

Less than a year ago before GrabOn was born, we were just a bunch of passionate interns dreaming about starting something big, we threw a lot our crazy ideas at our boss. From starting an online custom made meat grills, to personalized vehicle designs we had everything under the sun to throw at our chief. Finally we realized that there was one topic that got us all interested, no surprises – it was shopping. We knew that it would be impossible to crack the concept, but we were determined and focused to pull it off. Our founder also became passionate about the discovery and shared his entrepruenal journey to help us execute. We were amateurs/college pass outs and had absolutely no idea about what we were getting into, but it was our Founder who guided us throughout the discovery.

It took us not more than 59 days to execute the idea. We did our regular jobs during the day and pitched in additional hours after work to start GrabOn. Unlike others we wrote our own code and gave it a dedicated server, yes we had competition out there but we were focused to nail our idea.

GrabOn Today

Today GrabOn is hardly a year old and already is considered to be among the top 5 elite players in the market. We have spread our wings across India and are looking to go Global by 2015.

We have partnered with India’s top merchants and have dozens of their coupons and deals on our website. We have a wide range of offers and discounts from various categories like Electronics, Mobile, Fashion, Recharge and more. We have some of the best Snapdeal coupons, Flipkart coupons, Amazon coupons and more and continue to add more and grow big.

GrabOn isn’t just a Coupon website. GrabOn is privileged to have introduced the blog section, an innovative browser plugin and also an impressive social media platform. We encourage smart shopping and hence keep ourselves and our followers timely updated. You can get updates to your browser with our Plugin widget. Check the video below:

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