Impact of Social Media on SEO

In the old days, in 1999 that is, things were simple, and search engines used page content and Meta tags to determine relevancy. Later, Google turned all of that around, introducing their PageRank algorithm, which used the number and quality of inbound links to determine to legitimacy of a site. This was the way of things until Social Media came, and bombed the natural order.

Social Media made the internet interactive on a far more personal level, and now measuring the popularity of say… a product is more complicated, though more accurate. Now everyone is a publisher, everyone blogs, tweets, walls, shares, and posts. Everyone has a say, a vote, and an opinion. Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter have change the face of SEO forever. Now thanks to Social media there is enough information out there to formulate an accurate idea on how popular, used or visited a link is.

Social media affects SEO in a lot of ways… Indirectly, simply by a post being shared a lot and hence ending up getting linked to. Links ‘course help SEO, and directly. Search is personalized, so we see what we often refer to. Something written by a Facebook friend that is relevant would thus rank higher up in search.

SEO without Social Media?

Link building was, and is a huge part of SEO, but now competing with link building is the need to promote the right content and have an ‘up and active’ social presence. Link building is not enough to get sufficient rankings anymore. A survey conducted using over 2000 sites and over 100 keywords, revealed a trend where sites with a low number of inbound links, but a high number of +1’s, ranked above sites with higher inbound links.

Now when working on developing an online marketing strategy, content structure and development needs to be worked at aggressively, as content acts like a magnet to all the attention social engagement brings. Good content works magic on sites, generating both links and social shares, bringing popularity and ultimately a high ranking to your site.

All in all, here’s how Social media affects SEO:

  • Social media works towards helping search engines in find and index your content faster
  • Likes, shares, tweets and retweets… all work towards showing a search engine that the content posted is appreciated by a large audience, often leading to a temporary increase in rankings. Power to the people.
  • People connected to you will come across your content more often than others.
  • It also increases domain authority and the number of inbound links to your website.

The author Uroosa Rajani is a web enthusiast and content writer for Genetech Solutions, a top-notch web services firm providing their clients an effective customized web solutions including iphone application development services, web development, custom web design and other web related services.

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