The search engine optimization or SEO deals with the process which you apply to bring your website at the higher level. The measuring tool may be the search engine ranking, web traffic and even conversion rate and it varies from person to person. Whatsoever be the case, SEO greatly requires optimized, well-researched and valid keywords in between so that users and online surfers can get link to your business website. It should be noted here that selection of the page’s content greatly depends on the keywords or keyword phrases. If used correctly and in place, these keywords will try to boost your rankings in the search engine.


SEO keywords – what are they?

The keywords for your SEO articles and content in a business blog or website may be a single word or multiple set of words that have been frequently used in the page’s content. In fact, these are the same keywords of tools which make the website capable of being searched by millions of worldwide online visitors and surfers. The SEO keywords will certainly captivate the attention of search engines and will be crawled by them in the search result for a specific user. It certainly has great importance for you and it will show the user how important is your webpage on the internet.

Selection of right keywords

It will be a tough task for you if you are new to the optimization business. The suggestions of the experts and webmasters seem to be quite easy but when you think of framing the right keyword, it will need some results. You must be acquainted with the searching behavior of the target area. How the consumers and online users search different websites of their use will be of great importance to you. It is better to look for the survey results of the local directories and try to include them. Also, your SEO keywords should not be alone in the queue rather they must be accompanied with some emphatic expressions.

It should be always remembered here that wrong selection of the keywords will spoil the ranking and web traffic of your business blog. The keywords should be selected in such a manner that they could describe the quality ad content type of your blog or website. You may also use some tools for optimizing your keywords selection such as Google’s Keyword Tool and Website Keyword Suggestion Tool that will help you link the correct keyword, matching your blog’s theme.

Where should you place right keywords in a webpage?

  • No exaggeration is needed when you are busy in naming the URLs or file names in the blog. It is suggested that your URL should contain the appropriate keyword to suggest the best and comprehensive content of your webpage.
  • The headings must also contain keywords that will further help you in optimizing the website. Keep the keywords shorter in length and include them in headings, subtopics, etc.
  • Search engines also display the titles of your pages which simply mean that keywords must also be placed in the page titles.


The role of placing right keywords in your business blog will improve the web traffic, and rankings in the listing of search engines. Placing short keywords in page content, tiles, URLs and headings will serve the intended purpose.
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