Interactive Whiteboard Technology in the Classroom

As society moves further and further into a world of technology, the classroom must work to keep pace with this advancement; the use of an interactive whiteboard is just one way that teachers can implement technology to further the education of the students.

This versatile tool assists teachers in developing lessons or lectures that involve the focus and interaction of the students. As students interact with the lesson, comprehension of the study topic improves and increases. There are several different ways an interactive classroom whiteboard can accomplish these purposes.

Students are accustomed to using technology in their homes and for their entertainment purposes. They are familiar and comfortable with monitors, computers and advanced technology. Their interest isn’t likely to be captured by an old green chalkboard and hand-drawn sketches. Today’s students are looking for multi-sensory exploration and quickly accessible, world-wide experiences. These experiences can be brought to life on computer-animated whiteboards.

Webpages can be opened on the interactive whiteboard, engaging software can be accessed by a finger with the touch-sensitive screen, and lessons and notes can be directly loaded onto the students’ electronic devices for easy home access. During a unit on ancient Rome, famous Roman buildings and sculptures can be easily seen and explored right from the classroom. Interact with various geometric shapes during a math lesson and bring to life the universe during science discussions. The interactive whiteboard makes all of this and more accessible to students and teachers.

The interactive, computer-wired, whiteboard created for today’s classroom is designed to stand up to the use of students and teachers during educational interaction. The whiteboard is just one part of a system that involves student participation throughout the lesson, allowing teachers to more fully monitor student comprehension as the lesson is presented.

This technology does not require a lot of extra training or complex installation; instead they are user-friendly and rely on techniques that teachers are already familiar with. A wide variety of educational software may be presented to the school with the purchase of the interactive whiteboard and implemented into the daily lessons created by the teachers and school administration.

Benefits of This Technology

One of the best things about an interactive whiteboard is how easy it is to set up. All you need is a standard classroom computer that can meet the minimum requirements of the whiteboard’s software. This software comes with the whiteboard you purchase, so there’s no need to shell out extra money just to use the equipment you’ve just invested in. This software is easy to use and quick to install. Most software packages have tutorial programs built in so you’ll have the support you need to get started using the whiteboard right away.

All the basic materials you will need to operate your interactive whiteboard will be packaged together. This is a big convenience and you can start using your new tools right away. You should only use the markers made especially for these whiteboards.

Standard dry erase markers not only won’t work on an interactive board, but also could severely damage it. Everyone who will be using the interactive board should be thoroughly trained on how to operate the equipment properly.

Interactive boards are easy to use, which makes them a great tool for classroom settings. Everyone can take a turn at the board while the instructor participates via the computer program. This feature allows instant feedback to take place, providing real-time correction and guidance. The process of teaching and learning become streamlined for maximum impact and efficiency. As an alternative, the computer’s software can also be controlled by a student. Peer teaching methods are a highly effective way of learning and an interactive board is the perfect way to integrate peer-based instruction into your classroom.

An interactive whiteboard is one of the very best pieces of learning technology. Every classroom or training center will benefit from the effective use of this exciting tool. With an interactive board, peer-based learning is easy and an instructor can provide the students with instant feedback. An interactive board is the perfect choice for any learning center.

Jared Jacobs is an employee of Dell that engages with the latest technologies and solutions every day. These opinion pieces are written to raise awareness and educate people about the available technologies that can make our lives easier. He is a big fan of the NBA, enjoys weightlifting, and pleasure foods like fried chicken.

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