iPhone Apps for Home Renovation

Renovation of home is a very tiresome process, especially if you are already living in it! But, the iPhone application developers in India and around the world have created stunning iPhone applications that can make this dreary and exasperating process pretty simple especially if you want to do it on your own! Simply investing in any of the applications listed below is a very effective means to do this process. Let’s see some of the more interesting applications:

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

This is a very good application which helps you to get new interior ideas to renovate and redesign your house. It has many photos of smart designs for your ready reference to use it in your house. You can even coalesce the images for better visualization of your idea. It is a great application for novel designing ideas and it is free to use.


Choosing the most suiting color is another issue which might trouble the renovator. ColorSmart is a cool app providing you with different color ideas for your renovation project. This smart iPhone app helps you decide the color of your choice. All you need to do is to take a photo of the color of your choice and leave the rest of the app. It will analyze the color, its properties, etc. and then you can go to a BEHR shop and give all the details the application has generated.

iHandy Carpenter

iHandy Carpenter is a handy app if you want to change the level. The app includes 4 tools which are: a plumb bob which verifies the verticality of lines or walls; a surface level for leveling any flat surface; a bubble level bar; a steel protractor for measuring angles anything between 0 to 180 degrees; and a steel ruler, capable of measuring things.

These three applications are all free, so you do not have to worry about having to fork out much for any of them. However, they do make it very easy for you to do little things during the process of house renovation. It is therefore a good idea to download some of them and use them to make your life a bit simpler.

Home Sizer

If you want to calculate the square footage of your home, then this app is quite handy to help you. This app allows you to go into the dimensions and calculate room areas. It also helps you to use the cumulative usable square footage and estimate gross square footage of your entire house.

These are some of the iPhone apps for home renovation. If you have any design ideas and you want to create an iPhone application of your choice, you should consult an experienced iphone App Developers based in India or elsewhere for the best results.

AKristina is a professional interior designer who offers her services across the globe. She loves giving tips about interior and outdoor décor and her specialty is in renovating the alfresco areas of your house. She is active online and that is why she suggests using the services of iPhone application developers India.

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