There are those who come with a blaze and set the world on fire. But Kindle Fire walked into the limelight without fuzz – not like the big brother iPad which scorched the earth. Kindle Fire is probably better than iPad and certainly so if you consider the price point.



Kindle Fire connects to the web
I could connect to the web through my Time Warner cable internet hooked to a Wi-Fi and the procedure was extremely simple. You can also connect to any public Wi-Fi almost instantly to download all sorts of stuff – music, video, ebooks, magazines, movies – the list is endless. Amazon maintains that you can download 100,000 movies and TV shows, though I have not tested their claim. Knowing Amazon I am sure that they have a huge collection of movies and books. Web browsing is seamless because of the proprietary technology called Amazon silk.  I can confirm  that the web experience is fast an smooth.

Kindle Fire is a full color tablet with extremely good user interface. You don’t have to search for anything since everything is available on the main screen itself. The extra wide viewing angle means you don’t have to strain your eyes and squint while viewing   images on the screen. The 7” screen is perhaps ideal – not too big nor too small. It’s also lightweight which a huge plus is. My earlier tablet weighed a ton which gave my hands lots of exercise and also severe cramps.

Thousands of apps to choose from
Here is a confession – I am a hopeless movie addict. When I knew that Kindle Fire has an app for Netflix, I decided to buy one right then. Of course you can download thousands of other apps and that too at high speed. Amazon claims that they have tested all the apps for native operations on Kindle Fire. Let me tell you that this is a big plus. I have used other tablets in which very few apps really work and this can be frustrating.
Free storage 
You don’t have to keep a pen drive or a big hard disk standby to store all your digital assets – I mean things like movies, music, books and stuff. Amazon provides free cloud storage for all your digital assets. This is another big plus because you can stream movies, music and other stuff anywhere and at anytime. You need not rush back home or to your office to watch your favorite movie.
Kindle Fire is an Amazon product
When you purchase a gadget like this (which is complex and sophisticated) you need some kind of assurance that everything will work as printed on the brochure. This guarantee comes from Amazon who is known to test products extensively before offering them to the public.
Downright low cost
This is the best part about Kindle Fire. At $199 a piece, it’s a bargain. If you compare it with the much costlier iPad, you would realize that it rivals it feature by feature. In short Kindle Fire is truly on fire. 
I am not an affiliate of Amazon.
S. Srinivasan is a geek, tester and an avid user of gadgets. He likes to fiddle with new technology products and also writes extensively on the subject. He loves to connect to the internet via Time Warner Cable which he uses both at home and office.