The Influence Of IT On Our Lives

Work environment, learning environment and home environment are all immersed, completely, in the influence of modern technology. Since none of seem to be able to survive without it, technology has been through, and is still going through, a lot of significant changes and upgrades during the past years. A vital part of it is IT or information technology. Everything ranging from securing data to processing, updating and transmitting it, and from developing databases to installing applications is included in information technology.

Information technology, together with internet, has entirely revolutionized the way businesses and other larger organizations work. Because of the blessing of IT, all the work related to applications is automatically handled by the computer. Entire administrative systems are automated. But not just that, the production and manipulation of sensitive information also no longer requires human interference.

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Apart of work and business environment, it is no secret how much each of individuals are depending upon internet and technology. What with language barriers being eliminated and geographical barriers collapsing, our world has, no doubt, become as they say, a ‘global village’. Communication and sharing of information are faster and cheaper than we could have ever imagined. Through emails, you can reach pretty much anyone, any organization. Some places even have auto response system for their emails which assures you that the email has been received and will be responded to, soon. Also, text messages are simply perfect to have informal conversations with friends and family.

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of IT and internet would be the cost effectiveness. The cost of communicating and working through internet is next to nothing. This makes it possible for people to operate their businesses from even the remotest of locations which results in greater productivity and hence, increases profitability. Furthermore, products can be promoted and advertised online, attracting customers from all over the world.

Another huge benefit of IT is the employment opportunities it creates. It has formed an entire new field of study and research leading to new jobs. To manage and look over the IT systems of an organization, worker who are skilled and specialized in the field are needed. Some of the most important ones would be software designers, web designers and system analyst. IT also helps save time, for computer systems have speeded things up in a lot ways. For example, data no longer has to be processed manually. Not to mention the chances of error go down by a large percentage.

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