Small business today should swith to Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

It’s Time for Small Businesses to Make the Switch to VPS

You wouldn’t want to get an old, outdated party line for your home phone, where you have to share your line with countless strangers. Your phone may not be available when you need it! Likewise, you shouldn’t want to use shared Web hosting for similar reasons. It is the modern day equivalent to the old party line phone.

Shared hosting companies pack so many users onto the same web server that the reliability, speed, and even availability of the network may be compromised. This is not good if your business is dependent on the Internet. That’s why so many small and medium-sized business owners are moving to Virtual Private Servers (VPS). It gives you all the benefits of your own private server without the high costs normally associated with that level of hosting service. Still on the fence? Here’s what VPS can do for you.

How Does VPS Work?

VPS networks create virtual dividers on one main server. Each customer has his or her own dedicated space on the server located within one of the divided areas. The divided areas are like virtual apartments. Your work doesn’t affect the work of other people on the server and their work doesn’t affect you. Though you’re all hosted on the same server, you don’t have to share bandwidth, space, or other resources with the other residents of the server. You’ve got complete privacy and all services of the server are available to you when you need them.

What Does VPS Offer?

  • Affordability: You’d pay a small monthly fortune for a private server, but VPS hosting falls within the budgets of most small to medium-sized companies. Leave the private servers to large corporations with insane budgets and the shared hosting to the hobbyists with their blogs. VPS gives you all of the perks of private hosting for less than the cost of an average household’s monthly cable bill.
  • Flexibility: A VPS server allows you to choose your own operating system, such as Linux, Windows, or whatever else you may prefer. You can also control your resources, such as RAM, CPU speed, and disk storage. Your VPS package comes with a certain amount of resources, and you can allocate what you need to each area with a simple mouse click whenever you need to make changes. You also have full root access to your hosting, so you can easily install custom software as your business needs require. You simply can’t get that kind of flexibility with shared hosting.
  • Stable Performance: Because your server space isn’t affected by the activities of other people using the server, your website won’t experience much, if any, downtime. This is important to you as a business person, because you always want your customers to be able to access your site any time they visit it. Your customers will also enjoy the faster loading times that come from a VPS server. There will be no more frustrated customers going to other sites when they tire of waiting for yours to load!

Who Benefits the Most from VPS?

Anyone looking for better website performance can benefit from VPS hosting. While small and medium businesses are the most typical users of VPS, even people running non-business projects online may find they need the superior service of VPS. Basic VPS accounts aren’t that expensive and even those with many custom features are still quite reasonably priced. Hosted Windows Server packages are among the most popular with VPS because more people are familiar with Windows. However, Linux and other operating system packages are gaining ground among the tech-savvy crowd.

You may find that VPS is the perfect way to grow your business. Your customers will be happy with the reliability of your website and that will keep them coming back and bringing their friends.

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