Celebrities exposed, Politicians exposed, everyone’s exposed…this is a very common scenario these days. There was a time when nobody used to bother on these things but not today. Seems that people are eagerly waiting for such things to happen. Well, I do not belong to any such category but yes one thing that has really caught off my attention these days is the one and the only WIKILEAKS

Unlike many other sites, Wikileaks is truly one of the most amazing sites that I have come across in recent times. I don’t know how I could miss this site when it was first launched. Or just forget it, the thing which amazes me the most – How the hell it works? What makes it so unique when we have so many similar sites around? How does Wikileak manage to post such confidential data or say, secrets on its website? What makes it so secure and hackproof?

It all started with Collateral Murder, a leaked war video which was published on its website for the very first time. The moment it was published on Wikileaks, it lead to a huge uproar in the international community because of the controversies attached with the same. Yes, I myself did watch it and I was just blown away. You can also Goggle search and find the video.

I think, never in the history before, has any site created such huge impact the way this Wikileaks seems to have done. Mere one leaked war video on its site and the Wikileaks was popular overnite with tonnes of page impressions to follow in the coming days. It is just amazing to see a site which sounds so normal but gets popular like anything because of some controversial content. The way Wikileaks has rose to popularity just goes to show that people love anything controversial. A term which is perfectly apt for Wikileaks – Whistleblowing. And this is what Wikileaks is all about.

All credit to Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks who seems to have revolutionized web with his own unique concept of whistleblowing. Juslias Assange, who hails from Australia is an expert Programmer and a Hacker. Don’t know what intentions he had in his mind when he decided to launch his internet whistleblower. Very few would dare to do what he alone has done. Good or Bad, I think he deserves a pat on his back for his initiative to let everyone know on what’s going behind, obviously the real facts.

His Wikileaks is in news again for the same thing – Whistleblowing and this time it is much more bigger than what anyone could have imagined in his/her dream. Seems that this man doesn’t fear anyone and goes with his decision right or wrong. Inspite of the dire consequences he might have to face, he went on to publish around 90,000 documents related to Afghan War also known as Afghan War Dairy on his site i.e; Wikileaks. This most recent act has been widely criticized by many but it looks as if Julian doesn’t care a bit. While very recently, I was surfing through one news site, I happened to pass by this comment

“As it now functions, the Web site is primarily hosted on a Swedish Internet service provider called PRQ.se, which was created to withstand both legal pressure and cyber attacks, and which fiercely preserves the anonymity of its clients. Submissions are routed first through PRQ, then to a WikiLeaks server in Belgium, and then on to “another country that has some beneficial laws,” Assange told me, where they are removed at “end-point machines” and stored elsewhere. These machines are maintained by exceptionally secretive engineers, the high priesthood of WikiLeaks. One of them, who would speak only by encrypted chat, told me that Assange and the other public members of WikiLeaks “do not have access to certain parts of the system as a measure to protect them and us.” The entire pipeline, along with the submissions moving through it, is encrypted, and the traffic is kept anonymous by means of a modified version of the Tor network, which sends Internet traffic through “virtual tunnels” that are extremely private. Moreover, at any given time WikiLeaks computers are feeding hundreds of thousands of fake submissions through these tunnels, obscuring the real documents. Assange told me that there are still vulnerabilities, but “this is vastly more secure than any banking network.”

Incredible…Isn’t it? I am not sure if any network is as powerful and secure as this one. Phenomenal…the right word to describe it. Well, I have been through the site myself and I was pretty impressed though I didn’t find much time to wade through the content as it was enormous. Just to let you know more, it is not about the war footage or controversial content, it is much more than that. For me, it was always – How does it work and this is what prompted me to know more and more about it. Though not much but still enough…I can understand it better now.

What about you? Have you been through the site? What are your views about Wikileaks? Do you find it ethical or unethical? Please have your say !!