Kik online app - A social networking app along with standard texting feature

KIK ONLINE – An App-Based Alternative to Social Networking App and Standard Texting for Smartphones

KIK is impressive as it lets you get connected with groups, friends and the world around you by means of chat. This also enables you to chat with boots for your guaranteed satisfaction. Another essential thing to know about this app is that it is more than messaging. However, it is also the fastest and the easiest way of getting connected with friends and staying in the loop. Exploring is indeed a good experience and chatting is also made possible among them all. The good thing is that there are no phone numbers needed but only a username.

kik online messenger

In making use of this, it is good to know that it is simply after letting you choose the person to chat with in groups or in one-on-one. Apart from it, it lets you enjoy the feature for you to share videos, pictures, games, gifs and a whole lot more.

There is nothing you could ask for than an opportunity of meeting new friends who have the same interests. KIK online is actually a free messaging application that is made available for Windows mobile devices, iOS and Amazon.  In addition, this is an alternative application to use other than conventional text messaging programs. This also best combines various applications into one making it easier and more convenient for users to share photos, videos, texts, sketches and a whole lot more.

In sending a message to your friend via KIK app, it is required going to the menu of the speech bubble and touching the name of your friend. This command will now open a chat and the next thing to do is to touch on the box that says “Type a message”.

Right through the box, you have to type your message and you need to touch the “Send” feature right after you have finished the message. As per the “send button”, it may somehow appear like a blue speech bubble. As mentioned, touching the speed bubble is a one way of sending the message.

The fun and exciting thing is that it lets you add emotions that add fun and character to the message. The emoticons will serve as a good representation of facial expressions in a graphic way. In case that you want to add emotion to your message, you only need to touch the button for smiley face.

After you have touched the button, a menu featuring a lot of emoticons will now appear. This will help you further choose the right one that can accompany your message. In order that lots of emoticon options can be used, it is rather essential to press the “+button” that leads you to the Kik store.

Truly, KIK online is versatile and is designed to provide you the most convenient and the best mobile communication at such an affordable price. This is a lot better as compared to other regular type of text messaging. Apart from it, this app is user-friendly and this is utilized fast with the support of high-speed internet!

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