Know About Different Types of Coupons

Do you want to save some money on your shopping? Indeed, everyone likes to save some bucks. This is why people always attracted to the opportunities like ‘Sales’ and ‘Coupons’. Coupons have strong appeal for the consumers in modern business world, and you might see its frequent use in your daily shopping. Few of the famous coupon types are as follows.

Manufacturer Coupons

It is the most common way for manufacturers to advertise their products. These coupons can be found in Sunday papers very easily and bring their customers a considerable amount of saving.


These are printed out that are handed to customers along with the receipt. These can be either manufacturer coupons or store coupons.

Store Coupons

Apart from the manufacturer coupons, many stores issue their own coupons that can save you a few bucks on shopping from that specific chain of stores. You may see these coupons stacked with the manufacturer coupons as per their policy.


These coupons are usually places or hanged in front of the corresponding product on the shelf, and customers can take and use them immediately, if they want. The name Blinkies is due to the red blinking nature of the coupon to attract customer’s attention.


You will find many Hangtags on oils, laundry soaps, drinks, jellies or similar things that have neck to hang these tags.


It is another famous manufacturer type of coupons that came with the product, and you can peel them away just like the stickers to use them. Most of them can be used immediately.

Online coupon codes

In the modern world, you may find several online coupon codes like Goibibo coupons that can help you save money on many online shops. Moreover, some of them also help to get discounts from your nearby stores. All you have to do is to download and print it out. Nevertheless, the online coupons are mostly related to the online businesses.

In addition to above mentioned types of coupons, you will find many innovative ways of coupon presentation in the market. Regardless of their types, as a consumer, you shouldn’t miss any chance of discount through these coupons. Do check out some amazing coupons available at Zoutons.

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