Do You Know These Pros And Cons OF iPhone 8?

The iPhone 8 Plus has faced a pretty hefty makeover in this past year. Now that it has been ten years since the launch of the first iPhone, we’ve come to expect some great things. Expectations are dangerous; however, as the disappointment in the iPhone 7 taught us.

iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus

Hence, we’ve decided to give you an overview of the iPhone 8. This would hopefully help many people who are confused about all these updates and redesigns. Read on below for a discussion of the pros and cons of iPhone 8:


  • Display:An OLED, along with all-glass casing, makes for an attractive and clear display. An OLED display is quite rare for phones on the market today.  This would make it much easier for iPhone users to play augmented reality (AR) games and make AR videos as well. As AR is becoming a fast-growing trend, this may be more of a necessity in the future.
  • Operating System:The iPhone 8 has the iOS 11, which is obviously unique to Apple and its products. A six-core A11 fusion chip processor takes the performance of this device to the next level.
  • Camera:The iPhone 8 has an excellent camera. It has optical image stabilization, live photos options, and a 3D sensor. This means that it can detect the faces in a picture with almost complete accuracy. If nothing else, it sure makes these Snapshot filters simpler to pull off!
  • Battery:Luckily, the iPhone 8’s battery charges quite fast. It also makes use of wireless charging, which is a convenient option for most users.
  • Memory:There are three options for memory here. iPhone users get to choose between 2 and 3 GB of RAM, and between 64, 128, and 256 GB of internal storage. This means this hone has almost as much storage capacity as an average laptop just a few years ago.


  • Battery Dies Soon:While the iPhone 8 is expected o get two battery packs, there may still be issues with battery drain. There are several problems with iPhones dying even with almost a third of battery life showing on their screens. As far as we know, this is still a problem and not really solve for iPhone 8.
  • The Price:Granted, the OLED display is an expensive option. However, the phone doe cost quite a bit more than the iPhone 7. Additionally, wireless chargers need to be bought separately. This is also quite a large expense.
  • No iris Scanner:Both the Samsung Galaxy S* and the Galaxy Note 7 possess an iris scanner. This is the latest in phone security technology. It would keep a phone safe from snatchers and muggers, as well as keeping your data private. However, iPhone 8 users do not have access to this feature yet. It’s a pity because the high-end Samsung phones are really giving iPhones a run for their money.
  • Lack of Card Slots:Not only does the iPhone 8 not have a dual SIM option, it also doesn’t have an SD card slot. While we agree that the iPhone 8 has a lot of memory, there is the fact that one would like the option of having more. Plus, having a dual SIM could come in handy if you’re a business person and want to keep your work and home life separate.


With the information above, one can decide if they want to purchase an iPhone 8 or hold on to it if they already have one. If Apple had it their way, we would be buying a new phone every year.

However, this is not necessary or practical for any smartphone user. We highly suggest that you look at your own needs and then decide to spring for a new iPhone.

Kane Williamson is a Tech Geek who loves blogging about the latest technology. While technology does progress at a fast rate, he takes his time and doesn’t take upon reviewing a product unless he has tested it out. You can connect with him at online dissertation writing service plat-forum and also on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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