Learn digital marketing skills with Google Primer and grow your business

Learn Business & Digital Marketing Skills With Google Primer App

Tonnes of resources are available today to help one with learning. You do not have to go anywhere to find these resources. Most of these resources are easily accessible on mobile apps these days. Just make a search of the same in google play or app store and see the results. You will be simply amazed!!

Introducing Google Primer

Google Primer is one such learning app I came across very recently. I was totally unaware of this app till I came across this write up here – https://www.yourprimer.com/. The write up is a beautiful explanation of what exactly google primer is all about. To tell you more, Google Primer is a handy little app for digital learners. Using this app, you can easily learn business and digital marketing skills as per your convenience even if you have a busy day. Just 5 minutes a day is enough to harness the essentials of Google Primer. But this app is definitely not a replacement of your training manual or any other professional resource you must be referring to or reading to sharpen your digital skills. This is purely on the basis of my experience with Google Primer. I have been using this app from last one week though not much. The app is awesome but has certain limitations. It is more like a guidebook for me, lite in nature.

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Features of Google Primer

Well as discussed earlier, Google Primer is an amazing little app for those who wish to learn about digital marketing and related topics. The app is simple yet feature packed. And the best of all, it is completely free to download and use.

Below listed are some of the highlights of the app.

Covers Wide Lessons

With Google Primer, learning has no limitations. The lessons covered in the app are wide. Each lesson is categorized under different topics such as Business and operations, Brand and Identity, Marketing and Management.

Offline Accessibility

Learning in the app is also accessible even if you have no internet connection. You can take your lessons anytime from anywhere.

Personalized Activities

Yes, you will come across personalized activities while you are going through the lessons in Google Primer. These personalized activities are basically simple questionnaire or quiz type sessions to help you access your knowledge and test your skills to work in the right way.

Multiple Languages Support

Google Primer is available for free in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Bahasa, Hindi and Telugu. There is no language restriction as such.

Track Progress

The app notifies you as soon as the lessons are complete. This way you can easily track your progress and keep picking new skills in your day to day life.

Get Recognized

When you complete 4 lessons of a topics in Google Primer, you unlock a badge which is basically a recognition of your skills in a given domain.

To sum up, here’s one small video to help you understand how Google Primer can help your business grow and develop in the present day.

Download Google Primer App today and start learning business and marketing skills in minutes!

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