Buying tips for a domain name

What You Should Look in a Domain Name before Buying?

Domain Name is like a name of your Blog , using this people can view your Blog or communicate with it.In other words , it is an address of your Blog.Such as , etc .

Domain Name of your Blog is quite important , it not only distinguishes your Blog from other blogs but also tells what is your blog all about.Google uses 200 points formula to determine the Rank of a Blog , one of those 200 points is about Domain Name.There are many things that you should look in a domain name before buying it , but here I will share only the major aspects that you should check.You can use these tips before buying any Domain Name.

1)  Are you the First One?

Was that Domain purchased by someone else before you? .Check if that domain name is black listed or considered bad by Google.If Google has already flagged that Domain Name then you will never be able to get proper traffic from Google Search Engine. Make sure that this Domain name has no bad records otherwise all of your efforts in making it successful will go vain.

2) Length of Domain Name

Domain Name should be short , it would be easier for people to memorise it and write it in the Address Bar.If you can’t find any short Domain Name then find any Domain name that is a little longer but makes sense, such as , etc.The maximum length of a Domain Name is 67 characters but the longer it is , the worse it will perform.

3) According to your Niche

The Domain Name should be according to the niche of your Blog , so that Google can easily determines whether it is a Technology Blog,Fashion Blog,Recipe Blog or a Health Blog etc.Having a niche is important because you can’t write about everything .Try to choose a small niche and then gradually make it wide.

4) Should Contain Common Keywords

Using common keywords in your Domain Name will give you an edge in SEO over your competitors.Such as putting the phrase earn money or work online in your Domain Name.You can also use phrases in your Domain Name such as , , etc.

5) TLD is Important

TLDs has a great influence on the performance of your Blog.Try hard to get a Dot Com Domain Name because it is commonly used and Search Engine friendly.People can easily remember the dot com domain , you won’t have to mention anything else like telling people whether your blog is .org / .net / .co /.info etc.Just say your Domain Name and people will understand.

Geek Tip

Never under-estimate the importance of right Domain Name, it can make or break your Blogging Career.Choose one Domain Name and stick hard to it.Treat it just like your Home, it will pay you back in different ways.Just have faith in yourself and in your Blog.

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