Benefits of magento as prefered ecommerce solution

Magento Developers – What Are The Benefits of Using Magento as Your Ecommerce Solution?

Most companies will agree that their e-store is one of the most important components to their business’s success nowadays. Get it right, and you are opening yourself up to a whole host of new customers and increased revenue. Get it wrong, and you are missing out on a massive opportunity and falling further and further behind your competition. It all begins with choosing the right e-commerce platform for your requirements. You have many different options at your disposal, yet most companies nowadays are turning to Magento. Read on to discover the reasons why this is the case…

There is only one place to begin and this is with the fact that Magento is an open source platform. What does this mean? Well, basically it means that anyone can use it and they can use it for FREE. This is extremely beneficial as it means there are no barriers to entry, plus we all know how crucial it is to keep your cost as low as possible.

There are also four different editions based on your company’s needs. These are as follows…

Magento Go – This is recommended for entrepreneurs and small merchants. It is a hosted solution and thus you need not worry about software and servers.
Magento Enterprise Premium – This is ideal for big companies.
Magento Enterprise – The perfect option for small to big businesses.
Magento Community – This is advisable for hobbyists and developers.

This just scratches the surface of how Magento has an array of different options available so you can customise your e-store to suit your needs. One of the best things about Magento is the vast assortment of different features that are available. This includes everything from marketing features, to analysis and reporting, to product catalog options, and so on and so forth. You name it, you can do it with Magento.

It supports SEO, which is of extreme important, ensuring you can climb up those search engine result pages. You also have a whole host of payment options at your disposal – including Standard and Website Payments Pro and PayPal. The platform also has up to date currency rates, which is ideal for those planning to sell their products internationally.

Magento is constantly updated as well. This ensures you never get left behind when it comes to new features and the changes in the ever altering online world. Their availability of deep customisations is constantly growing. A great example of this is how they already have a vast selection of social shopping features, which allows you to gain the loyalty and trust of your consumers through an effective and modern form of indirect marketing.

When you take all of the points that have been touched upon into account, it is really not tough to see why Magento is so popular today. Not only is it an open source platform, but there are a whole host of features to take advantage of and thus the customisation options are vast. You can really make your business’s e-store stand out.

Nonetheless, the best thing to do is hire Magento Developers. Why? Well, Magento has so much going on, and it can be extremely difficult to get your head around this if you have not used it before or been trained in it. If you want to ensure you really make the most of what this solution has to offer, you should definitely consider taking advantage of the professional assistance that is available to you. This is especially the case as Magento Developers will be trained in marketing as well, which is of course imperative to your online presence and the effectiveness of your e-store.

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