Using marketing automation to achieve business success

Marketing Automation is the Key to your Business Success

Marketing is a crucial part of any business, and implementing marketing actions professionally and effectively is a key to your business success. Marketing automation refers to a system that automates your company’s marketing campaigns, processes and procedures with the aim to boost your marketing and take your business to a higher level. Modern world demands quality products and professional marketing actions to advertise and sell your products and gain customer’s trust and support. With the help software systems designed to improve your business processes and boost your marketing, you will reach more efficient results on various marketing channels.

As it’s almost impossible to reach marketing goals without an effective CRM tool, we have compiled a list of the top software systems for you to take into account while choosing one for your industry specific business.

№1: Bpm’online

Marketing Automation - BPM Online

Bpm’online is a cloud-based marketing automation software solution that is widely used all over the world and is famous for a range of unique opportunities it provides. To learn more check the following link out

This system automates and organizes your marketing actions, tasks and campaigns and gives chance to gain more leads and interact with them more effectively. Bpm’online’s management system is definitely one of the most powerful and effective ones worldwide and measurable results prove that every time!

What does this software system offer?

You have opportunity to implement such features and tools as an intuitive campaign designer to create, plan and organize your marketing campaigns more productively than ever before; an event organizer, which will be of great help to create, plan and manage events; and the marketing automation analytics is a powerful tool to analyze your marketing actions as well as evaluate your company’s marketing efficiency. What concerns customer support, Bpm’online has made it perfect and the marketing app will let you always be updated and have full control over your entire business. Bpm’online offers integration with thousands of apps and systems, which makes your experience even easier and productive.

№2: Autopilot

Marketing Automation - Auto Pilot

Autopilot is another popular and trusted software system to successfully automate your marketing procedures. This unique marketing tool is specifically designed to help various companies and organizations improve their position in the market and boost marketing and sales. It suggests a range of effective features and tools that can be of great use and help to take a step to the future and improve relationships with your customers by many personalization opportunities.

Among them are visual canvas, dragging and connecting features, marketing journeys, connection and support via various communication channels, lead nurturing and management, personalized customer experience, contact and mail management, analytics, tracking and testing, as well as lead scoring and website visitor tracking. Integration opportunities are also numerous including such systems as Segment, Zapier, Twilio, Slack and so on.

№3: GetResponse

Marketing Automation - Get Response

GetResponse is another cloud-based and world-famous marketing automation software solution designed for any kind of a business to improve and boost marketing, as well as generate more leads and close more deals. It offers amazing features and opportunities that will optimize your workflow, and take your marketing to a higher level.

These opportunities include drag-and-drop creator, real time data, lead nurturing and scoring, contact and channel management and much more. The system allows you to analyze and track a range of segments, as well as get the best of its intuitive workflows, web forms, filters, templates and landing pages.

This system is also distinguished by its really good support provided online and user-friendly interface, the overall system is also simple and easy-to-use.

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