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MilesWeb : Best Web Hosting Provider for Small Businesses in India [Review]

Small businesses are getting augmented rapidly and that is why business owners are adopting new techniques to expand their business on a global level. Likewise, having a website has become equally important for all business owners, because website is the ultimate source for global audience to know about their business. Due to this, competition in hosting industry and web design has tremendously increased. You might get confused while selecting a web hosting provider for business website, so, to make your decision easy, I am writing this article by highlighting the best web hosting provider – MilesWeb that you can consider for your website.

milesweb best web hosting for small business in India

Why MilesWeb is the best provider for small business?

MilesWeb was in corporate in 2012 and situated in Nashik, Maharashtra. MilesWeb aims to offer cheap shared hosting services at a decent price for all kinds of businesses. They feel that web hosting service should be fast and reliable that is why they have started MilesWeb to fulfill this aim. They are India’s first web hosting provider that has collaborated with Amazon Cloud platform to offer best web hosting service to their clients. 

milesweb amazon cloud reseller hosting plan

Their datacenters are located in India, USA and UK and you will get maximum uptime of 99.95% because of their Tier – 3 and Tier – 4 datacenters. You can communicate with them any time as their support team is available 24/7/365 days to help you. They offer three modes of communication that are email, chat and phone.

After buying their service, if you are not satisfied then you can ask for the refund as they provide 30 days money back guarantee feature as well. Moreover, you can follow them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to get updates on a regular basis.

Types of services and pricing:

  1. Web hosting – Rs. 99/mo
  2. Linux VPS hosting–  Rs. 860/mo
  3. Unlimited Linux Reseller hosting –  Rs. 735/mo along with Free WHMCS Software and more.
  4. Reseller hosting – Rs.290/ mo
  5. Dedicated server hosting – Rs. 4900/mo
  6. Shared hosting – Rs. 80/mo
  7. Cloud hosting – Rs. 0.11/hr
  8. WordPress hosting – Rs.69/mo
  9. Business hosting – Rs. 1680/mo

In terms of pricing, MilesWeb is the best web hosting provider that offers best prices that helps you to host your website easily with any of the above mentioned plan.

Best plans for Small Business websites

Unlimited Web Hosting

milesweb unlimited web hosting

Shared Hosting

milesweb shared web hosting

Business Hosting

milesweb business web hosting

Features provided by MilesWeb

Amazon Cloud Platform

Your website will be hosted on Amazon Cloud platform that will enhance the performance of  your website.

Pure SSD Storage

Your website speed will get enahance because of latest SSD storage. MilesWeb servers are powered with SSD drives that will help your website to load faster.

Free Website Builder

Using website builder, you can design your website easily. In short, without hiring a designer or developer, you get your website ready in a simplest way.

LiteSpeed Web Server

MilesWeb uses LiteSpeed that ensures faster and scalable performance in comparison to Apache web server. It is capable of handling thousands of connections with minimal memory consumption and CPU usage.

Free Website Migration

In case, you have already purchased the hosting but not getting services worth for what you have paid then switch to MilesWeb. Your website will get migrated easily without paying a single penny.


cPanel is important tool in web hosting because it allows you to manage your website. You can manage every aspect of your website right from adding domain, sub – domain, add-on domains, emails, database, etc.

Web Hosting Add-ons

Apart from hosting, you will get additional add-ons features from MilesWeb. You only need to pay minimal amount to avail these features.

Website backup and restore

What if you lose your website data? Then to overcome such critical situation MilesWeb offers website backup and restore feature at Rs.99/mo included in all web hosting plans. At last, it is your choice whether to buy it or not. 

Spam Experts

If you are newly starting your business then you will need email accounts and security is must to protect those email accounts, right? For same, MilesWeb offers Spam Experts that filters your incoming mails for phishing, spam, virus and other possible email attacks.

Sitelock basic

It is a basic feature but crucial because small things matter a lot in professional life. You will get Sitelock feature at Rs. 1625/- from MilesWeb that protects your website from Google’s black lists.

Analytics and Webmaster

You need hosting to host your website but what next have you ever questioned yourself? Because website is interconnected to several factors like hosting, SEO and designing, etc. Likewise, traffic is  another important thing that you need to monitor eventually, therefore, to monitor the same you get  analytics and webmaster tool from MilesWeb.

MilesWeboffers bundle of features and add-ons services that are never ending that iswhy they are known as one shop solution. If you need to know more about their services then contact their sales team at

Final Verdict

Being a small business owner, you might have small budget of investment. However, it is the fact that at initial stage business owner needs to manage everything in small budget. Therefore, MilesWeb has aimed to provide affordable service to all small business and is also helping them to get online easily within a short period of time.

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