Infographics…we can find it everywhere these days. Even I have discussed a lot on the same in my previous postings and today again, I would like to continue with the same.Infographics are hit and the reason is known to most of us. Nothing fascinates me more than seeing those beautiful laid out design with nuggets of information spread all over it. A picture is worth 100 words and fits very apt with the growing popularity of infographics. But again, we cannot reason it only with the pictures. Ideally, it is portrayal of information which includes everything from simple text to irresistible graphics. Thus, enabling a visually engaging content which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible to create..!

Now, not all infographics are hit and recent findings have shown that people want to see more, something extraordinary, if I have to use the right term. It wouldn’t be long before we find these infographics getting outdated. The viral nature of these infographics soon may be a gone phenomenon if nothing special is done in this regard. It has been found that the viral thing is mostly associated with infographics which have a touch of brilliance attached to them. Yeah…Brilliance is the word and so what’s next ?? Interactive brilliance, I have discovered this term and believe me, the future of infographics has a lot to do with this interactive brilliance and perhaps…it is the only thing that can save these infographics from being boring and outdated…!

Well, some of the best infographics were launched in the year 2011 whereas it is no more the same case now. The X factor seems to be missing from the present infographics. It also appears as if people are losing interest in static infographics. A change is sought in this regard and so it is high time for the designers to consider a makeover for these infographics and surely one of the best  technique for the same would be to make it more dynamic and thus more interactive for the users. As I had mentioned above in the previous para, the future lies in the interactivity and eventhough interactive/dynamic infographics is missing from google trends, you shouldn’t ignore it by any means.

To say more about these dynamic infographics, it is more than just images. A dynamic infographics is actually a combination of HTML5 and CSS3 which triggers interactivity to the final layout. The motion elements associated with these infographics attract user attention and users are kept riveted for longer periods owing to the rich end user experience. Interactive Infographics is still in the growing stage and there aren’t much examples to showcase the same. Though there still have been many infographics which have made use of HTML5, CSS and jQuery to come up with a visual wonder. Below I am sharing one such interactive infographics which will send chills to your spine..Just click on the image below to experience it all…!

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And here is another one…truly amazing !! Just click and see..!

Well, I hope you enjoyed these two infographics as much as I did. This is just the beginning and hopefully, there’s a lot more to come…Are you ready for it ? How do you see it ? Will you ever come up with anything like this ? Do you really feel the need for interactivity with these infographics? Please do share your thoughts..!