Today I am in a mood to discuss about an ebook. Honestly, how many of are you really serious about ebooks? Do you really read ebooks? What kind of ebooks have you been reading? And how do you read your ebooks – On your PC, Smart Phone or anything like Amazon Kindle Reader? Personally speaking, I myself haven’t been reading much in the past. And ebooks, very rarely I do get time to go through any. But anyways, reading is still one of the things which thrills me and today I am here to let you know about an ebook which I have been reading from last few days. This ebook has been written and published by a very good blogger friend of mine, Ashvini Saxena.

To tell you more about this ebook from Ashvini, I have found it as a perfect start for the budding entrepreneurs. The thing is that most of us desire to be an entrepreneur yet when it comes to knowing the basics, we do find ourselves lacking in many of the things essential to make a right move on the path of entrepreneurship. Even I have been facing the same. And so, I feel like congratulating Ashvini for coming up with such ever useful guide for people like us who have been struggling hard to step up in the world of entrepreneurship. Surely it may not be the easiest thing in this world, but believe me…it is not impossible either. I got this same feeling while reading first few pages of the ebook. As a whole, this ebook outlines the basics of entrepreneurship where you find reasons to go for entrepreneurship and reasons you should not. Also it explains the qualities entrepreneurs require. In short, this ebook covers -

  • Who is an entrepreneur?
  • Why should you become entrepreneur?
  • What are the essential qualities of entrepreneur?
  • What is the difference between entrepreneur and businessmen
  • What is Entrepreneur Mindset Framework?
Now, I am sure most of you must be interested to have this ebook, at least those who have been looking for an effective guide on entrepreneurship. Yes, you can have it very easily but currently the book is available in amazon kindle format. So, if you have the amazon kindle device with you or any amazon kindle based app for your smartphone then you can surely go for this ebook. The book is priced at only $4.99 and more details on the same can be availed here – So you want to be an entrepreneur? (Become a successful entrepreneur) [Kindle Edition]
Also, you can download the sample copy of the ebook here – So, you want to be an entrepreneur (Sample Copy)

Just to let you know, few copies of the ebook have been sold very recently and below is a screenshot of the purchases made -

Sold Copies
Also if you want to know more about the author of this book, Ashvini Saxena, please check out this page at Ashvini’s blog – About Ashvini
You can also make him friend on facebook and follow him on Twitter -

So now, how many of you have planned to buy Ashvini’s ebook from Amazon Kindle ? I hope you have found the details here very useful. Let me know if you have any questions…!