Why did I like Asus ZenFone 5 smartphone?

My Experience with Asus ZenFone 5 – Part 1

I love gadgets especially smartphones. I remember my first smartphone coming from brand Samsung,  Galaxy S2. I had used Galaxy S2 for 2 years before switching it to Samsung Galaxy S3 and then following it up with Galaxy Grand. A Samsung loyalist..ehh! But very honestly, the decision to purchase Samsung phones was not entirely brand based. Infact, I could know a lot from others who had owned these phones and were pretty satisfied with the performance.

It was the same case with me too. I could rarely see any issue with my smartphone and is the reason why I never felt like switching to another brand. But imagine how boring it is for anyone to stick with the same phone for such a longer period of time!! Also, with frequent pricing cuts on these phones, it does feel like being on the loser side. I would not point any particular brand but it is pretty evident these days on online shopping sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc…

Asus ZenFone 5 – A Worthy Deal

Now, what if I am able to get the same features and specs at a much lower price? Why to waste so much of money on overpriced phones? What if you are able to purchase a well performing decent smartphone from an international brand below $200? A catchy deal…Isn’t it? It is and I can say the same after purchasing Asus ZenFone 5. Asus ZenFone 5 is my latest purchase after suggestion from friends and watching video reviews of the same on the internet. Priced just below $200, this phone seemed to be a great deal than the rest though I could still find few more good phones in the same range. I decided to go with ZenFone 5 and now, I am simply loving it !!

asus zenfone 5

What to Like About Asus ZenFone 5?

Well, ZenFone 5 is a real beauty. As a lover of great design myself, I am in a complete awe of this handset. Just love the look and feel of the same. It feels so premium as compared to other handset in the same range. Unlike most of the other smartphones, ZenFone 5 comes with IPS display of 720p resolution which sparkles up the display with enhanced clarity and vividness.

And being so lightweight, the phone feels so good to hold in your palm. Seriously, its not been the same case with other phones which I have owned till date. Most of the phones felt heavy and had nothing much to offer in terms of overall look and feel. Glad that ZenFone 5 doesn’t fall in the same category. Another thing which increases its value is the screen size. I like phones with bigger screen and ZenFone 5 didn’t disappoint me. The 5 inch screen makes it very easy for me to use the phone with one hand and also fits easily into my pocket, doesn’t matter if it is my shirt, trouser or jeans pocket.

Having been a Samsung loyalist, it did take me a little time to adjust to ZenFone 5 but now, I find it all breeze. The last Samsung phone which I had owned had a dedicated hardware button at the bottom of the screen which I could press to make my phone active. I could even do it with the power button located on the top right side of the phone bezel. In ZenFone 5, the only way to make my phone active is to press the power button located on top right side of the phone bezel. Slowly but surely, I am getting used to it. Not a big deal!

I could see several preloaded apps with the handset. Most of these apps are very basic. Also, Asus is offering its own apps with the set. I have not yet checked it. Will use it all soon. The preloaded apps from Google makes it all very easy and comfortable to manage my Google account right from the device. I guess it is the same with all Android devices.

Anyways, its not over yet. There’s a lot to know and love about this handset. I am exploring it all here and would be glad to share my experience with you all in my future postings. Please keep visiting and enjoying!!

And yes, if you too own Asus ZenFone 5 then please free to share your experiences on Asus ZenFone 5 using the following hashtag #MyAsusZenFone. You can use the tag and share your experiences on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus, etc….

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