Choosing a better web hosting service

Need a Web Host? Choose Carefully for Your Needs

According to a website survey done by Netcraft in March 2012, there are 644 million active websites on the Internet. That is an increase of 31.4 million host names (5.1 percent) from the previous month. There are so many web hosting companies that offer a range of hosting services it can be overwhelming to a business making its first attempt at online marketing. With the amount of choices, it is easy to pick the wrong one. Here are some things to consider before selecting a web host.

Choose a Web Host that Suits Your Needs

The type of web host you choose depends on the type of website you have. If you have a personal blog or a small website then shared hosting can accommodate your needs. If you have a website that generates a lot of traffic you should consider a dedicated web server or VPS. The Linux VPS is an excellent example of a web host that offers plans with different amounts of space and bandwidth, which means your website has room to grow. It also allows you to easily upgrade from one plan to another as the need arises. The Linux VPS servers provide you with the affordability of shared hosting while giving you the power and control of a dedicated server.

Pick Adequate Bandwidth

Bandwidth can make or break any website. It affects a site’s speed, reliability, uptime and professionalism. It is extremely important to find a web host with the perfect amount of bandwidth. Most personal or small business sites will not require a lot of bandwidth; a large business or corporation may need thousands of gigabytes of high quality bandwidth.

Price also is an important factor. Look out for additional fees charged when you go over your bandwidth limit. If a web host charges high fees in comparison to the initial cost of the bandwidth they may be overselling, meaning they are promising more bandwidth than they have the ability to sell at that price.

Get Good Support

The web host you choose should have a good customer service reputation. You would ask for references when hiring a contractor to do work in your home so you should also require references from any web host you are considering. An efficient web host will have a 24/7 support system. One way of determining the support skills of a web host is to place a support ticket. You could make an inquiry about a hosting package the host offers before you actually purchase its services.

The response you receive will make it easy to determine the web host’s overall support abilities and the kind of service you will receive. A good web host should be able to answer your inquiries directly or direct you to a source that can answer them. Whatever the issue is—a downed server or a question about server maintenance—having a good support team will make all the difference.

Compare Price Versus Value

Are you getting a good product for the money you spend? You want to be sure that the web host you choose offers service at a good price with plans that are flexible. The web host also should provide top web design features and scalable plans that grow with your website.

Don’t Read Reviews

Most review sites are all about affiliate links; each sale pays a small fee to the recommending site. That is why some companies score so well in reviews but so poorly in customer service. This doesn’t mean that all reviews about web hosting are fake but they should give you pause before you blindly trust one.