Now Vending Machine Can Give Electric Car On Rent

As technology has advanced so has the demand to get every type of product in the most efficient way possible. This includes cars, though many have thought in recent years that cars would always be sold and rented from lots with actual people running them. However, a new type of rental is becoming available in China which may catch on in a couple of years around the world. In certain cities there are vending machines being built to allow people to rent cars from one garage and also allows them to return the car to another. There are many benefits to this new type of technology that allows for a more efficient and well rounded experience.

The New Technology

The idea of the vending machine has been around for quite some time and has been used to sell a variety products from candy, to clothes, to electronics, but never before has the idea been used on such a scale as to rent cars to a large number of people. Kandi Technologies has introduced the idea in one city in China and will seek to expand the venture tremendously very soon.

The essential idea is to ensure that people are able to get cars to rent for city use. How the system works is actually quite simple. The consumer chooses the electric car he or she wants from the machine, pays the fees, and the car is lowered from a higher level to the ground level so the person can then drive the car to their destination.

The idea is to be like a vending machine, but the actual design is a huge garage that stores a large number of cars. The computer system that is provided so the customer will get their car handles all of the work. The garages are autonomous. What happens is the system will use the information given by the person renting the car to lower the car from whatever level of the garage it is on to the ground level. It comes from simple commands and a computer system that is specifically designed to accommodate this venture. The idea is rather revolutionary and can be much cheaper. Another important aspect of how this technology will work with respect to electric cars is the fact the consumer will actually be able to get a replacement battery when needed instead of having to wait for the battery in the car to charge for hours.

What this new technology comes down to is the innovation, simplicity, and efficiency of how it operates. There is no more waiting for a very long time for the people in China who will first take advantage of this great new technology.

Benefits of Getting a Car from a Vending Machine

There are a number of benefits to getting a car from vending machines. The biggest advantage is the fact the system will be fully automated. That simply means that the person renting the car will be much happier with the speed of the transaction. This is very important to customer satisfaction. The fact that renting the car will also be relatively inexpensive is also another plus. There will be an hourly rate charge, but it is a few dollars when compared to gas that costs much more. The fact that these cars are also electric creates a better solution for keeping the environment clean. Fuel based cars release pollutants into the air and can cause the atmosphere in the area to start making people sick. By having electric cars as a mode of transportation the air becomes safer to breathe.

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