Official Galaxy Note 7 Investigation Blames Poor Welding and Battery Cases

Only a few hours back, Samsung has claimed to have completed the investigation on the most raved about and also the most recent and worst failure in the history of mobile phone. Samsung blames the burning or explosion of their phones on the two different manufacturers of the lithium-ion batteries used in Note 7. The conclusion came after a research that was conducted by 700 researchers and professionals hired to test 20,000 phones and nearly 300,000 batteries used in Samsung Note 7. Samsung also blames the incident to poor welding in their conference.

The company also took the opportunity of their conference on the 23rd January 2017 to apologize their retailers, customers and franchisers. After recalling as many phones as they could and bearing the loss of millions of dollars Samsung has yet to come up with a plan to regain its customers and their trust. They need to find a way to ensure the safety in their phones and gain the trust of their customers before the launch of their Note 8 which is expected to launch sometime around March or April. The question is, what are they doing to ensure the safety of the batteries? Will they be ditching the lithium-ion batteries or will there be any new strategy followed for the casing.

It took months to the company to recall all the phones that were sold globally after the disturbing images and videos people uploaded on different social media platforms calling the company names. After the company recalled the phones, they soon started their work towards the research and to find out the cause of such as massive failure. Samsung also took the responsibility of recalling all the phones and all this time they invested in researching. Samsung confirms that all issues and all the reasons responsible for the failure of the Note 7 have been identified and that the new phone that is due to launch in this year sometime around March or April will be secure from all aspects. But will it be enough to make people turn to the company all over again?

For that Samsung must find a way to gain their users back before the new phone launches. But Samsung has only been pointing out the issues with their battery in their conference blaming the incidence entirely on the manufacturers of the battery. Whereas two researchers also confirmed the flaw in the design of the phone itself that was pushing battery to its limit. The reason for the flaw in the design could be the need to make the phone sleek and slim but if that is the case then it would be too hard for Samsung to get their customers back and secondly the non-mentioning of this problem is also unsatisfying after what the customers individually have gone through. Cases where the phone exploded in a pocket or on the waist belt or while talking were many and people who suffered through the loss in the first few days of buying the phone deserve more than just an on purpose incomplete statement.

It is after the research by two outside scientists that it was revealed that the flawed phone design was the main reason for the incident of blasts and phone catching fire. The scientists pointed out how a very thin protective layer was placed between the two electrodes of the battery. In the Note 7, the designers pushed the battery limits by placing an exceptionally thin protection or separator in the battery. This is strange that a company so massive could agree to a decision where the protective shield was so thin, if the shield is broken, it causes explosion and fire and yet the design was passed by the officials over at Samsung.

They allowed little safety between the two electrodes which cause the incident. In addition to that, it was also investigated that the initial fire was caused by the pinching of the pouch on the upper side corner of the battery which held the battery in the phone, before the phones were recalled for the first time. Thinking that the issue has something to do with the batteries Samsung continued to send Note 7s with an extra battery from a different supplier. Reports of mismanagement and the way Samsung handled all the recalling of their Note 7 also emerged. They were claimed to have managed the whole situation poorly.

Samsung now claims to have hired 3 different firms and says that it has “reassessed every step of smart phone manufacturing process”. They have now come up with a new 8 point battery check system and have hired more experts to help them in executing the new system. According to them, the new devices will be safe and checked in every way from x-rays to physical checking to ensure the safety of the device.

Samsung assures its consumers that they have reassessed their manufacturing and have hired external experts to help them strengthen the safety of their device in its manufacturing. They have also reported to have announced and promised that the new devices will now be safe from the faults and have also said that the mistakes that have cost them their reputation and loss of consumers have made them learn a lot in the past few months and they have worked hard to resolve the issues.

Samsung apologizes from consumers and distributors and other partners globally for the inconvenience that the whole incident has caused them. adding to that they have apologized to every individual before starting with their technical report on their months of research conducted by a team of 700 scientists and researchers hired to test 20000 phones and 300000 batteries and have ensured that their devices that will be launched now will not have the same defects. They are hopeful and confident that the new system and methods implemented in their manufacturing including the 8 point battery check will further secure their phones.

Sheraz Khan Baloch is a social critic who is working with The Academic Papers UK. He loves to look at the changing social trends closely and criticize accordingly. However due to his interest in writing and sharing thoughts with others, he writes articles for different blogs.

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