The ever evolving technology

Old School Or Technology, Now And Then?

First came the good old phone booths, then came the telephone which was a luxury and considered as a status symbol by many and then the invention of mobile phones simply broke the market. Even that seems like an understatement but you get the point. There was a different device which needed maneuvering and timely servicing.

Each was capable to accomplish one task. Telephone for calls, cassettes and radios for music, newspaper and weeklies for news, you get the drift. At such a time, the launch of a small super power device which could do it all definitely left people astounded and restored their faith at the lightning speed at which science was progressing.

In order to get work done, one had to collect materials and visit libraries and not sit in the comfort of your four walls and get everything a few clicks away. Those who’ve noticed the transition, know how miraculous it truly is and those who were born in the technology era have seen other way than spoon feeding. Life sans technology is perhaps unimaginable for them. Can we blame them?


Digital Era Comes With Increase New Technological Affairs

Civilization today seems handicapped without technology. It is called the digital age for a reason. Increasingly new technological affairs come out on daily basis. One such example is that of mobile/digital wallet and services. One of their major handles is that of easy recharge from anywhere and anytime.

digital technology

Everything’s On The Go

You’re in the middle of an important call and *click* the call ends even before you could convey your message. Or picture this, you’re watching this much awaited show and right before climax the TV gives up on you. The horror of not paying timely bills! But now, that’s no more a hassle. One can pay on the go and complete what he/she started. Companies such as Mobikwik and PayUMoney are soon winning customers owing to the services provided by them.

They have hit on the bulls eye and deliver exactly what one needs. With their simplistic user interface and plethora of useful services, these e-commerce companies are fast climbing up the ladder. They also know how to reward their customers and help them save pennies. One can easily avail the Mobikwik coupons, PayUMoney coupons in order to get hold of the latest offers for the top deals.

Who knew we’d be slaves to this wonderful phenomena dubbed technology and that too this way!

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