Online Coupons – The Basics and Benefits of the Same

If I put here a question, what is thing you like the most about online shopping…what would your answer be? I think it doesn’t take too long to answer the same. For me, it is all about convenience which is a way ahead of traditional shopping practices where the idea of shopping was very physical. I mean if I had to buy anything, I needed to go out to the physical store but it is no more the same case today.

Thanks to eCommerce and the growing list of shopping sites, I can now buy stuff online at anytime from anywhere on the internet. Another good thing which I see with online shopping is the pricing offered which is cheaper in comparison to pricing being offered for products in physical stores. And…did I say about online coupons?

Online coupons are rage these days. Unlike physical paper based coupons, online coupons are computerized/digital format of the same which can be used by shoppers while shopping online. These coupons do not involve physical exchange. Basically, these coupons are promotional codes offered by online retail outlets. The code consists of a series of number and or letters that you type into a promotional or discount code box at the time of checkout. Once you type and submit the same, the required discount is applied to a given product and thus you are able to save money over your purchase of the same. Online coupons are found exclusively online and are used exclusively at online retailers.

The last time I made use of online coupon was on The coupon offered me 10% discount over the purchase of bluetooth headset which I wanted to use with my mobile device. Some online coupons offer fixed amount discount over a specific purchase amount. The discount may range from 100 to 1000 or more.. Most of the times, online coupons can be used on any purchase irrespective of the product type while at times, coupons are applicable to only few selective products.

Though online coupons serve a good purpose, one thing still goes against the same. Coupons come with expiry date. That means if you do not use the code within a give time frame, it is bound to be waste. Usually these codes are valid for a month or two. Also, most of these coupons maybe limited by usage like making coupon unusable after single use, limiting customers to use a give coupon code, etc..

Whatever it is, I like coupon codes for the benefit it offers to a buyer. Though benefits are limited, the good thing here is the value added to your shopping. You are able to save money which is why online coupons are so in demand by people and this is where coupon chief coupon codes help.

At, you have a completely free access to online coupons which can be used while shopping at known stores. Do check it out once. Coupon chief also runs a program called Pay-2-Share which enables users to make money by uploading their coupons on the site. You make money whenever someone uses your coupon to buy anything from listed stores. Cool..Isn’t it?

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