Online grocery in India is growing slowly but surely

Only Early Movers in Online Grocery will Win

Online Grocery has been marked with a slow take off even in the advanced markets of Europe and America as it holds only 4% to 5% of sales of the nation. One should not be fooled by the slow move as E-commerce is already playing a vital role to every online grocer and its consumers. The key to success is that retailers are providing offers, good products and extraordinary services. Christian Wanner, a pioneer in Online Grocery and the cofounder of Europe’s first online grocery store believed in the previous years that E-commerce will help food retailing which will help Online Grocery a lot. And he has been proved right.

Tricks of the Business

In the global markets, online grocery has shown promises and famous names like, Tesco, Ahold, FreshDirect and AmazonFresh made NEWS but not from the inception period. In India few names like, BigBasket, Askmegrocery, Zopnow, Grofers are making NEWS specially with their offers like, Askmegrocery coupons, BigBasket coupons and more. Few things, like, ‘Click and collect’, ‘Buy Online’, ‘Free Home Delivery’, ‘Grocery at Doorstep’ really works well for the Online Grocery sector.

Where it started from

If you thought getting your grocery online is a new concept, then you have been highly mistaken. Christian Wanner had seen this business since 1997. Back then, a web page use to take 20 seconds to load, all household didn’t have Internet and consumers were not willing to make online transactions. In that year Wanner started, which is Switzerland’s first online grocery store and today it is a part of Swiss retail cooperative Migros.

The Early Moves in the Business will be PROFITABLE

Companies believe that it is not a brilliant idea to invest in Online Grocery as profitability is not always assured. However, pioneers in the game believe that it is the “Chicken or Egg” debate. To achieve anything significant you need to commit seriously into it.  The adept, agile and disciplined ones will only survive in this industry. It does not imply that people who do not buy grocery online, doesn’t want to. Maybe, they are not aware of the positive side of the business. Who does not want to save time and money? Online grocery helps in both and it is convenient.

Good Isn’t Enough

In this competitive market there is an immense difference between ‘Good Enough’ and ‘Outstanding’. So, to be highly profitable you need to be outstanding in the business. That is what is meant by Early Moves. Lot of companies in Europe have failed to be profitable in this business simple because they had poor web designing. User experience matters a lot when it comes to E-commerce.  Lead players of the game say that this business can reap money only through maximum operational and marketing efficiency. It has been experienced that an incremental approach results in failure. Players of the game need to play strategically by playing big and being agile.

The battle is all about consumers fighting over ‘I have the cheapest one’ over ‘I have the best one’. The winner will be the one who understands the patterns of behavior of their customers and responds to those patterns intelligently and strategically.

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