Online educational programs for teachers and students

Online Educational Tools for Both Students and Teachers

Every day, there are hundreds of new technology additions made to the web. Some of them are highly effective for teaching and learning purposes. In this new era of information technology, people can communicate with each other in ways which were never thought of before. The same holds true for the teachers as they can now use the power of technology to address the new challenges confronted in the classrooms. Educators feel helpless when they do not find any assistance, but with technology in hand and with several online resources available, everything is possible.

Technology has changed nearly everything. When this is integrated into the curriculum, then the learning process is also revolutionized. Technology integration into the curriculum has given proven results. Teachers are also able to teach problem solving by using computers. Moreover, technology integration also leads to behavioral change because the teacher is using the constructivist approach. Project based learning can only occur when technology and interactive multimedia are combined together. Students who utilize the power of technological tools surely become creators and lifelong critics rather than just becoming consumers.

online educational tools

Some of the ways by which technology can be incorporated into the classrooms are given below:

Collaborative classroom

This is a free of cost collaborative platform which is designed specifically to complement and support teachers in the classroom activities. There are additional activities available with all the required assignments and different discussions which can be accessed online anytime you want.

Cool Math

Children mostly love games and when learning is done through games, then learning becomes fun. All the games which are designed on this platform are much safer to use for the kids and they can be accessed anytime from the classroom. There are varieties of math topics available in the form of games and they are also related to reading, science and geography for a better learning.


An online hub which provides collaboration for different people by utilizing the power of social media. This platform allows arranging customized classrooms on the web. The classrooms are open for every student and teacher. Anyone can enjoy this classroom without restrictions.

Fun Brain

Learning through games is the trend of the town, so this game portal focuses on the development of educational values in kids by using games. There are games for teachers related to the curriculum and they can even find flash cards which are ideal for teaching different subjects.


This website is developed by San Francisco’s Museum of Science and it provides links to different online activities which make teaching and learning of science a cool experience. It can be used by teachers as well as by students.

Spelling City

This site aids in vocabulary and spelling. It also helps in writing and correct usage of parts of speech can be learned through it. The website caters to students of every level from elementary, middle up to high school. It has informative content which can help teachers as well.

All the websites described here provide solutions for various learning problems. So, to have a good support in academics, use them wisely!

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