Privacy Protection Application for your Assistance

Smartphone could be described as a device that is meant for personal use only. As a result, when you want to store personal stuff on the smart phone, you should not encounter any problem. Nonetheless, the problem arises when other members of the family would be trying to get their hands on the phone on one pretext or the other. Regardless, their intention or not, there would be greater chances that they would enter into areas of your mobile. This is when the actual problem would start. As a result, you would resort to transferring your personal photos and stuff to a secured location other than the phone. You would be required to make sure that you are not always signed in. You would look out for a convenient solution.

privacy guard mobile app

The leading mobile app developer, LEOMASTER has released a state of the art privacy protection app known as Privacy Guard 3.0. It would help in securing both mobile phone and its applications. The application management tool would introduce improved protection levels to match the needs of several phone users in a better manner. The application management tool has been made available free on iTunes, FaceBook Page, Official Website and Google Play.

Intelligent AppLock

The increasing popularity of smart phones has stimulated the quick development of digital world. The AppLock feature enables the user to lock up your FaceBook, Messenger, Whatsapp and other necessary applications that might leak your privacy. It cater the user with pin code or pattern code AppLock themes. You would also be given delicate themes to decorate your AppLock screen. The feature would automatically lock various applications by location or time.

Photos and Videos

Media could be shared with the rest of the world in a matter of minutes through smart phones. While it has been fun for the user to have the latest images and videos at their fingertips, there would be some content that would not be shared with others. LEO Privacy Guard would make it easy for the user to hide their personal videos and photos in order to keep them private.

Original Protection Levels

LEOMASTER has provided a pioneering method to categorize privacy protection at various levels. The app would make recommendations for an appropriate privacy level pertaining to the conditions of the user. LEO Privacy Guard Review caters the user with full protection, keeping them free of tension. The user would be given the option of making informed choice. It would be particularly concerned with the snooping of phone records and text messages.

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