Protect Your Home With Laser Beam

The data doesn’t lie. Burglaries are up exponentially across the board. Homeowners, wondering what they can do to protect themselves and their property are looking to protecting themselves by using lasers. With just a few simple electronic components, a mirror, a power source by using light batteries, for example along with a laser light, increasing security can be done very effectively and affordably.

In constructing a security system that uses lasers, you will need three components: The laser light itself, a detecting device that is light sensitive that puts out a certain level of current or voltage when the light hits it. If something changes the temperature or frequency, such as body heat, for example, a sensor sets off an alarm that sounds if there is an interruption in the beam.

Because lasers are super concentrated, narrow beams of light. These beams are shown in a straight line and mirrors are used to change their direction over an area. Unlike other types of lights, with a laser beam, there is less dissipation of light over greater distances. This small concentrated beam can be aimed at a very small area such as a mirror or detector. Special filters are put into place to block out other forms of light that do not fit within the same spectrum and cause degradation of the focused frequency of light. Unlike what has been shown in countless movies and television programs, these beams of light, regardless of color, are visible to the naked eye unless smoke or powder is blown across them so that they can be seen.

In terms of security systems, it is usually entrances in the form of doors or windows and the perimeter of a room that are most often protected. Some lasers are also configured directly into an internal or external security system that either dials a security company or directly to police as well as the homeowner if an intruder is detected. There are also kits available for those homeowners who want to take control of their own home security. These units are usually self-contained and will set off either an audible or even silent alarm that will alert the homeowner, security service or law enforcement to the intrusion.

When considering installing a laser beam to protect your home, draw a schematic of the area you wish to monitor before buying the needed components such as transistors, laser light source, mirrors and any lighting batteries. There are a number of schematics available on the Internet along with instructional videos such as the one shown below to show you how to assemble and calibrate your very own laser security lights.

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