Convert PST Files to PDF using PST To PDF converter

PST To PDF Converter for Exporting Outlook Files to PDF

Since PDF is recognized as the safe and portable file format for storing data, many have the queries regarding the storing of their Outlook files in PDF. Since Outlook has become the favorite desktop mail client of all the business organization because of its eminent features, organizers are looking for a way to store their important emails in PDF. Saving to PDF file format helps to transfer the important mails to another without the fear of being edited.

PST to PDF Converter tool is efficient software for transferring all the PST files to PDF files without any loss to information. It transfers all the corrupted or damaged emails, contacts, calendars, etc. to PDF along with the attachments. Whatever be the file size, uses can convert it without any problem. The most exiting feature of the tool is, does not require the support of MS Outlook.

Product Details

Name: PST to PDF Converter tool

Size: 19.6 MB

Version: 2.1

Function: converts PST files to PDF format

Supported Edition:

The entire versions of Windows 8.1 and below

MS Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010(32/64 bit), 2013 (32/64 bit), 2016 (32-bit)

Promised Features Of Software

Converts Emails with attachments

The software transfers all the Outlook emails, calendars, etc. to PDF along with the attachments, if any. The tool ultimately stores each mail in separate PDF files, with no concern for the file size.

Previews with attributes

The PST to PDF Converter shows the preview of the emails, contacts, calendars, etc. along with the attribute lists such as; to, from, send date, received date, phone number, calendar scheduling, etc.

Migrates corrupted PST files

If you have a PST file that is corrupted, the tool will support migration of that too. The user can transfer the damaged PST files to PDF with the support of the scanning option provided; Quick and Advance Scan Modes.

What Makes The Tool Different?

Benefited Features

Scan Modes

There are two options implemented for supporting the recovering of the corrupted files when they are loaded. Quick scan helps to recover the files that are less damaged or corrupted whereas Advance mode restores the files infected with severe corrupted. Both the facilities are implemented in a way that no data loss occurs.

pst pdf converter

Exports files or folders

After viewing the file contents, the user can export them to PDF format. Either can select the corresponding files for converting or can transfer all the files by checking the checkbox option provided. Moreover, if you want to export the entire folder, the software is supported with that application too.

pst pdf converter export feature

Naming convention option

For saving the emails, you are provided with naming convention option. It allows you to save the emails separately based on Subject, Subject+Date, From+Subject+Date, Date+Subject, etc.

pst pdf converter naming convention

Pros & Cons


  • Supports on all the Windows versions 8.1 and below so, user can have them on any of the versions.
  • Tool is easy to work with; no much technical knowledge is required.
  • Exports all the PSR files no matter how damaged is the files.
  • Provision of naming convention enables to separate the emails.
  • Avails the transferring of selected or whole PST files; both ANSI and Unicode.


Talking about the drawbacks of the tool is bit difficult since it does not have much. A drawback that can be said is that if any issue occurs from the surrounding, it may hassle the transferring and you may find the process a bit slow.

Different Versions

The tool is available to the users in two versions; demo and licensed. Users can try the tool to check its performance using the demo version. However, one thing to be noted is, demo version can export only 25 items per folder. In-order to export whole PST files, user will have to go for the licensed version. 24 hours support provision is made for the users for making their purchase much easier.

Does The Software Technically Sound Good?

From the technical point of view, the PST to PDF software is furnished with all the efficient features that are required by a converter tool. The tool restores all the damaged PST files, no matter how hard is the infection. Apart from that, it exports the entire PST files to PDF without any change to the data residing in it. Another eminent option put forward by the software, naming convention helps to sort the emails according to the user’s requirements. From the words above it is made clear about the technicality of the tool. Users can 100% rely on the software without any doubt.

Final Verdict

By considering all the features like; scanning, recovering, exporting, naming convention, etc. I would rate the tool by 4/5. For the conversion of PST to PDF, it is the most recommendable tool. It has all the features that a conversion tool requires. You will get all the PST files transferred in PDF within seconds without much effort.

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