How to Recover a Hard Drive

It may surprise you to know that data stored on your computer’s hard drive is not in any way safe. Your hard drive could crash at any time causing you to lose months, if not years of crucial data. You may think just because your computer is new that you are not at risk for such a problem but I assure you that this is not true. Hard drives can crash in a number of ways, and the only way to prevent yourself from losing data is to backup your hard drive. However, once your hard drive has already crashed, all hope is not lost. In this tutorial you will learn how to recover data from a crashed hard drive.

Replacing the Hard Drive

The first thing you’ll want to do is replace the old hard drive so you can have access to your computer again. Once you have a new hard drive you can then connect the crashed hard drive to your computer and use it as a “secondary” drive. Once this is done you can attempt to access the hard drive and possibly copy the information over to the new drive where it can be accessed regularly.

Data Recovery Programs

If it is not possible to access the old hard drive then you will need some data recovery software. You can download free software online, or if you do not trust freeware then you can purchase it for a nominal fee. Most of these software will be able to assist you in recovering your data fairly simply.

Hire Some Professional Help

If you are not confident messing around with your hard rive, or you have done everything you can and you simply cannot recover the data, then I would recommend you seek the help of a professional. Give your local computer repairman a call, and maybe even compare some pricing in the area. Make sure you tell them everything that happened when your hard drive failed, so they can offer the most comprehensive assistance possible. It is also a good idea to tell them what data is most important to you so they can recover it first and place it higher on their list of priorities. Telling them what data is most important to you will ensure that you are going to get the data needed back before any unforeseen problems occur.

Prevent It from Re-Occurring

Most operating systems come equipped with data recovery software of some kind. You can prevent this problem from occurring again by simply backing up your data on a regular basis. The backup programs will allow you to automatically schedule backups as often as once a night. It is a good idea to backup your data at least once a week.

All you need to do is set how often the backup will occur and the backup utility will create a backup and prompt for disc each week. You will need to be there to insert a blank disc, unless you keep an external drive attached. You can set the backup to be stored automatically on an external hard drive if you’d like, and then you can leave that hard drive plugged in so that the entire process is automated.

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