How to Recover Your Lost Samsung Device with Find My Mobile

Losing one’s phone can be a big nightmare especially if you are a phone addict like me. Fortunately for me, my devices have always been safe. I am a big fan of Samsung and have been using Samsung brand devices from long. My current mobile device is Samsung J7 2017 model and very soon, I am thinking to move to Samsung J8 , the latest in the series of mobile launches from Samsung this year. The device has been launched recently and would soon be available for purchase in the Indian market.

Anyways, let’s come back to our topic of discussion. What if you lose your Samsung mobile device one day? Are you ready to risk your data on your device? Will you be content leaking all your private data to an unauthorized person? Of course not!!! Then what to do? How to deal with such situation? Well, no worries. Samsung mobile already has a solution for such problem. The solution comes with one of its feature known as Find My Mobile. If you are a owner of Samsung device, you need to enable this feature in your device settings.

As you can see it from the screenshots below, the feature is accessible under Settings – Lock Screen and Security – Find My Mobile. Click on Find My Mobile and add your Samsung account details to get started. Enable Remote Controls and Google Location Service by moving the sliders. If you need alerts regarding Sim change on your device, you can enable it too here.

samsung find my mobile
samsung find my mobile
samsung find my mobile

Here’s a brief explanation of what you can do with Find My Mobile. The Remote Controls functionality can help you force a remote backup, retrieve call and message logs, enable battery saving features and so on. Enabling Google Location Services can help you track your device location in real-time. As soon as you activate Google Location Services, you can see an option to Send Last Location details of your lost device. This is truly useful in case you wanted to track your device last location before its loses it power.

Currently mobile app is missing for Find My Mobile. All you can do is to manage your mobile device by logging in to your Samsung account from any browser on your mobile device or from your desktop. Here is the link which you can visit and start managing your Samsung device anytime from anywhere provided you are connected to the internet –

Hope you find the above information useful. Please share your thoughts if any.

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