Do you monitor your site traffic? Do you keep a check on who’s visiting and who’s not? Do you have anything like analytics for your site or blog? I hope most of us have the same for our sites or blogs especially if we are into niche blogging. After all, we require a particular group of people visiting or sites and blogs and we want them mostly to be coming through search engines. No doubt, it all gets possible if we follow basic content optimization tips for our blogs. Nothing much is required here except making sure you have a fresh quality content for your site and you have been optimizing it properly for your keywords. That’s it !!

But have you ever realized the fact that making people to stay longer on your site is far more difficult than to simply get them on our website. No doubt, it is one of the major worries for any blogger or site administrator. Even I have been facing the same issue. There are some issues related to the bounce rate that I am currently faced with and while I was researching on the same, I came to know about the site – from one of my very good friends, Ashvini Kumar Saxena who is also an avid blogger at  Now, before writing anything further, I would like to tell you that I haven’t been paid anything to write about the site or its services. Instead, I am in all praise for what these people at dhiti have developed. I must say I was lucky enough to try out their product..!

As you can see on the page above, I have a widget installed. Unlike most of the other widgets, this widget has impressed me the most. Reason it does exactly the same for what it has been made for.

As in the words of Aditya, head of Business Development at -

“At Dhiti we are creating technologies that make reading and content discovery on publisher sites insightful and effective. Our use of faceted navigation technology, along with a rich concept map of millions of topics helps us bring faceted navigation to textual articles. We extract useful nuggets of information from your site, and organise them around concepts – to facilitate users to drill down and pivot among interesting perspectives. Please find more information here:

We offer this technology through widgets that can be embedded into your site, so your readers can explore it in ways that best suit them. On the sites that we are in, readers tend to click on topics to find articles that interest them. While we provide audience with the topics that they can dive into, we also provide them with the ability to create topics that they wish to explore – with our In-text Pivoting technology, audience can select short snippets of text while they are reading the article and contextual recommendations for these topics shall be ready when they get to the end of the article. This instant categorization and exploration delivers a great personalized experience to your audience.

The topic clicks tell us a lot about what your audience are interested in reading – which could be useful feedback for you – both to target content and advertising. This is normally unstated intent, something you would not get through explicit searches on your site. It will help you seed your site with more content on these topics. And needless to say, this has a long term impact on user engagement and branding.

If you wish to see more of our products in action, take a look at our sample site – made from pages on wikipedia : 

Please try Explore Nuggets, hover over the green colored links, and explore into Discover your interests after the article for recommendations on what to read further. We offer a pivoting experience that’s unique to content discovery.”
Certainly very true. But anyways, it is too early to say anything now. I have added dhiti’s widget just 2-3 days back and I will have to wait for few days before I am in a position to evaluate it in a much better way. But have to say finally, it looks fantastic. The way the widget aggregates content and comes up contextual recommendations, is truly its highlight. Well, I am surely recommending this widget to my blogger friends. Please give it a try !!

P.S – WordPress users can download dhiti plugin here: Dhiti Dive for WordPress